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Emission attribution to airplane trajectories

Current Situation

Current aviation related emission inventories are outdated. Moreover, the latest inventories have been calculated on the basis of declared turbine emission behavior, which is – as our latest research found out – different from real-life conditions. Climate, but also atmospheric chemistry and local air quality modelling studies therefore suffer from the false information, leading to non-negligible uncertainties in the results. Using ADS-B and FLARM trajectories, and linking those trajectories to real-life emission measurements performed with SMARTEMIS, a world-wide emission inventory can be calculated.


We’re offering following subjects to master students looking for a VT or MT topic:

  1. Thrust setting model: Create a model describing the thrust setting of an airplane based on trajectory and meteorological data as well as statistical information about its weight.
  2. Emission calculation per trajectory: Per trajectory, based on correction factors and our own measured emission data for the most important engine types, a per-trajectory-emission can be calculated.
  3. Upscaling to the Swiss territory: This task is based on task (1), where ADS-B and FLARM-based trajectories will be used to generate a Swiss-wide emission inventory. This includes a significant amount of big-data coding.
  4. Upscaling to the entire world: Based on world-wide trajectories, (3) is upscaled to the entire globe, therefore generating a new aircraft emission inventory.