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Aviation Operations

"With the ever increasing complexity of the aviation system, the role of humans and their performance becomes paramount."

Prof. Dr. Michel Guillaume, Zentrumsleiter Zentrum für Aviatik

Field of expertise

This research unit focuses on the operational issues in aviation, such as air traffic management, meteorology, airport systems, or environmental impacts. Our researchers are specialists in human factor, aeronautical communication, and the design of human-machine-systems.

The human-machine laboratory is used for the development and research of new capabilities for the remote pilot station that was developed in-house. Moreover, a head- and eye-tracking system is utilized in order to investigate human behavior in an aviation related context. And finally, our psychologists can provide off-the-shelf human factors training for pilots and air traffic controllers, as well as tailor made solutions to perfectly match the training needs of an organisation.

Project examples

For more detailed information on some of the projects undertaken in this research unit, please visit the respective websites of our teams.

  • Development of ELPAC:
    The ELPAC test for language proficiency for pilots and air traffic controllers was developed on behalf of Eurocontrol. Currently, the ELPAC test is actively used with numerous air navigation service providers and airlines.
  • Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS):
  • Scientific supervision of development and implementation of FRMS by means of proactive risk identification, implementation support, and training development.
  • Project AGEAIR:
    Scientific research project on effect of engine deterioration on pollutant output


We and our infrastructure are your disposal for industry projects and consulting.


The research unit runs a number of laboratories: