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Aircraft Technologies

"The aviation industry relies on perpetual technological innovation. Our mission is to to contribute to the industry in such a way that this remains the same in the future."

Prof. Dr. Michel Guillaume, Head of the Centre for Aviation

Field of expertise

Our scientists in this research unit have expert competences in the areas of aerodynamics, flight mechanics and flight control systems, as well as in the maintenance and repair of aircraft structures and engine components.

Aerodynamics specialists concentrate on the design aircraft and the optimization of handling and stability characteristic of aerial vehicles. The flight mechanics and flight control system specialists focus on flight simulation models, autopilots, or fly-by-wire flight control systems. And finally, our maintenance and structure professionals work in the area of material fatigue, for example to ensure the structural integrity of aircraft components for the duration of their service-life.

It goes without saying, that in this day and age, the research unit deals both with manned, and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Project examples

For more detailed information on some of the projects undertaken in this research unit, please visit the respective websites of our teams.


Our experts are looking forward to joining forces with you for innovative industry projects or consultancies:


The research unit runs a number of laboratories: