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Bluetooth Low Energy

Project examples

BT5.0 Demonstrator

Evaluation of "High Data Rate" and "Long Range" Links with nRF52840 from Nordic Sem. and PCB Antennas

  • 2M PHY or High Data Rate mode
    Throughput of 1.084 Mbps with high SNR
    (transmission time for a file with 1220 kB is 9s)
    Indoor range up to 50 m and throughput > 300 kbps
  • LE Coded PHY (s=8) and Long Range Modes
    Indoor range up to 100 m, outdoor range up to 2 km (LOS)
  • Students project in the master's programme: Video


Bluetooth Low Energy Traffic Generator with Software Defined Radio (SDR) USRP N210 from Ettus Research/NI 

  • flexible broadcasting of Bluetooth Adv packets simultaneously on channels 37, 38 and 39 (adapted FPGA firmware)
  • Test scenarios with any number of BT devices and configurable advertising interval,
    Advertising data, transmission power,
    PHY: 1M or LE Coded (Long Range).
    Optional: randomised adv. channel indexing (from BT5.1)  
  • Simultaneous recording of the 3 advertising channels and possibility of subsequent playback


Sniffing BLE addresses for people flow analysis

Monitoring of BLE device addresses with >10 Bluetooth scanners for 24/7 people flow analysis in squares and parks.

  • Bluetooth LE device addresses are impersonal, no privacy problem unlike e.g. cameras
  • Difference e.g. to cameras
  • Number of persons is proportional to the number of unit addresses
  • Evaluation of traffic relations and dwell-time

I4.0 measuring tool for rollers in the extrusion process

Monitoring and diagnosis of temperature and pressure inside of rollers supports production & quality increase  

  • Cooperation with DERICHS GmbH, Krefeld (D)
  • BT measured value transmission to tablet / gateway to cloud
  • Development of the ED1 sensors and support during the approval process
  • Battery autonomy >2 years
  • App development with password protection
  • Industry 4.0 Award for ED1 at ICE 2017 in Munich
  • further information

BT4.0 interface to Leica-Disto measurement device

Bluetooth 4.0 solution for transferring data from a Leica DISTO measuring device to a smart phone.

  • Cooperation with Leica Geosystems AG and CTI
  • one of the first "non-consumer" BT applications 2012
  • Development of an Eval Board with Nordic Radio Module
  • Development of basic app under iOS
  • "drag-and-drop" transferred distances in photo/sketch
  • 2017 Extension for the transmission of IMU data
  • further information

BT5.1 evaluation

Performance evaluation Angle-of-Arrival-Detection with BT5.1

  • Use of CC26X2R1 / BOOSTXL, later Nordic-Dev-Kit
  • ongoing Bachelor's and Master's theses
  • ISC is looking for further industrial applications