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Workshop on Accountability and Liability for 5G and Beyond by H2020 INSPIRE-5Gplus project

On 16th June 2021, H2020 INSPIRE-5Gplus project held a full-day online workshop on accountability and liability for 5G and Beyond, co-organized by ZHAW InIT Information Security Group. The objective of the workshop was to share, compare and disseminate best practices, approaches, tools, and methodologies for identifying, formulating, and managing liability in future networks. The workshop moderated by Dr. Gürkan Gür from ZHAW InIT brought together more than 30 researchers and practitioners from several domains, including actuaries, lawyers, and researchers in networking and multi-agent systems. The speakers presented challenges and approaches for liability management in multi-party 5G ecosystems and digital services, with a forward-looking perspective on Beyond 5G systems.

For further information on the speakers, programme and talks: