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New book “Age-appropriate Digital Channels” published by Springer

Buchtitel auf Cover

The new book "Age-appropriate Digital Channels" has been published by Springer Verlag on 25. November 2021. In this book Alireza DarvishyHans-Peter Hutter and Alexander Seifert have collected recommendations for age-appropriate design of websites and mobile applications. The English version of the book will be published in 2022.

What is this book about?

The book explains how age-related limitations affect the use of websites and mobile applications. If gerontological aspects are not taken into account in the design of digital channels, older people tend not to use them. Therefore, websites and mobile applications should consider the needs of older people. In this book, readers will find useful recommendations on how to do this so that websites and mobile applications are easy to use for all.

Who should read this book? 

People who commission websites and mobile applications, website designers, mobile application developers, and all others interested in this topic.