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Publication of the 5G-PPP White Paper with contributions from ZHAW InIT

ZHAW InIT contributes to the 5G-PPP’s white paper on “AI and ML Enablers for Beyond 5G Networks”.

ZHAW InIT has contributed to the recently published 5G-PPP white paper on “AI and ML Enablers for Beyond 5G Networks” as part of EU project INSPIRE-5Gplus activities. This white paper consolidates contributions from almost twenty 5G-PPP projects to elaborate on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as enablers of Beyond 5G networks. The document presents the key mechanisms based on AI and ML which are being investigated and exploited for enhancing 5G/B5G networks in various R&D projects. InIT focused on such enablers from the cybersecurity perspective.

Link to the white paper:

Link to other white papers by 5G-PPP: