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PTP Platforms

PTP for Luminary Cortex

We have ported our PTPv2 stack to run with the hardware assistance of Stellaris’s Cortex microcontroller for evaluation purposes.

Stellaris® Family of ARM® Cortex™-M3 microcontrollers features an integrated Ethernet interface augmented with hardware assisted IEEE 1588 capability. The protocol stack has been ported to run on the LM3S8962 evaluation kit, either as master or as slave in default profile.


We provide our PTPv2 stack for evaluation purposes for the following platform:

National Semiconductor Corporation offers the IEEE 1588-capable Ethernet Transceiver DP83640 Precision PHYTER® that incorporates the required hardware assistance for IEEE 1588. Freescale Semiconductor’s M5234BCCKIT evaluation board for ColdFire® MCF5234 processor, is equipped with the National Precision PHYTER® to offer the complete hardware basis for a PTP clock. Combined with our protocol stack, this kit offers full IEEE 1588 functionality. In just a few minutes an IEEE 1588 clock is up and running, either as master or as slave, in default profile or telco profile.

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PTP version 2 protocol software for evaluation purposes
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