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PTP Manager

IEEE1588 Network Monitoring Software

PTPManager is an application developed at Zurich University of Applied Sciences – Institute of Embedded Systems. It allows observing and managing IEEE 1588 – PTP clocks connected to an Ethernet network.

The Communication between the PTPManager application and the PTP clocks uses PTP management messages according to the IEEE 1588-2002 standard.

This software is free and provided as is. Its is published under the GPL license. ZHAW/InES does not provide support for PTPManager.

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PTPManager consist of two parts: PTPManagerServer and PTPManagerClient.

The server part does the actual communication with the PTP network and is a console application. The client provides a graphical user interface and controls the server. Client and server can, but have not to run on the same system.

The system running the server needs a direct connection to the PTP multicast domain. The communication between client and server takes place through TCP port 1099.

This architecture allows to place the server on a separate measurement system somewhere in the PTP network and to run the client (GUI) on a separate PC.

System requirements

The Java Runtime Environment can be downloaded for all major operating systems from:

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