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PTP (IEEE 1588)

The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) which is defined in the IEEE 1588 – 2002 and - 2008 standards enables precise synchronization of clocks in multicast capable networks like for example Ethernet. By using hardware to generate precise timestamps for messages, synchronization accuracy within some 100 nanoseconds can be achieved. Such precise synchronization is needed in measurement and control systems as well as in other distributed systems. The Institute of Embedded Systems (InES) is addressing the practical implementation and application of PTP. The institute is actively involved in the IEEE 1588 committee to further develop the standard and to ensure that it is suitable for practical applications. Furthermore the InES offers PTP Software, PTP hardware, training, support and so on.


IEEE 1588 / PTP Training

Training at Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Winterthur, Switzerland:

IEEE 1588 / PTP Support

Support (per e-mail, phone etc.):

The amount and kind of support will be defined in a contract between the customer and ZHAW / InES.