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PTP Software Stack

PTP / IEEE 1588 Protocol Software

The protocol software represents a fully implemented Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Ordinary Clock.


Programming language and design

The programming language for the PTP software is ANSI C. Although C isn’t an object oriented programming language, the PTP software was designed object oriented. Each class is a separate module containing a structure with the member variables plus the member functions. This design assures clearly arranged source code.

Portability to other environments

The PTP software consists of an environment independent protocol engine and an OS Abstraction Layer. While the protocol engine is completely generic, the OS Abstraction Layer has to be adapted to the target environment. Since the OS Abstraction Layer contains clearly structured interfaces, quick and easy porting to alternative operating systems and hardware is possible.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The API is the interface to the user application. It provides functions to configure PTP as well as functions to monitor the clock's behaviour and state.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The developer can monitor and configure PTP while running. Output of internal data, sending management messages or monitoring the state machine are just some of the functions the HMI provides. The HMI doesn’t just enable debugging but it also helps the developer to understand how PTP works.


The License includes: