Origin of RFID

First RFID applications were used in the end of the Second World War. A radar served for the friend enemy recognition. Until today the military use these systems.
The RFID-Technology was developed further for other purposes.


In the industry and the consumer-part RFID is significant for a lot of applications. For example: electronic ski passports, theft and entrance control systems, tank-cards etc.

Passiv tags and aktiv transponders

The passive tags don't need own energy. They are supplied by the radio signal. Aktive transponder have an integrated battery.

There are recordable and only readable variants of both. The memory capacity of the passive tags is about 10 to 100 Byte. They are used to identify a product.
Recordable  transponder have a memory capacity of up to several kBit. Sometimes there are microcontroller-function integrated. They are used in Anti-collision systems, patient identification systems in hospitals etc.

Technical Data

Frequency Range Application
30kHz-300kHz 50cm Animal identification
3MHz-30MHz 3m Access control
300MHz-3GHz 9m Logistics range
>3GHz >10m Vehicle identification