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Finished Projects

    EU's goal is to develop a transport system which meets the economic, social and environmental requirements of the society.  An adequate accessibility and safe mobility should be provided for all European citizens, especially for the ageing populations. In order to do that the future trends and challenges need to be considered.
  • RACE2050
    Race 2050 foresight study aims to identify key success factors for a sustainable growth of the European Transport industry and for policies which can increase the transport industry's strength in a long perspective up to 2050.
  • Naturpark Schaffhausen
    The project «Regional Nature Park Schaffhausen» aims at a vitalisation of tourism in the Canton of Schaffhausen. The ZHAW School of Engineering therefore conducted research on how people access the park and how they can be guided within. Based on the results, a mobility concept with specific action fields and measures was developed.
    METRIC (Mapping European regional Transport Research and Innovation Capacities) will map regional transport innovation capacities and identify regions with competitive advantages. Based on their strengths, guidelines for the preparation of innovation roadmaps (strategy plans) will be developed.
    RECREATE is exploring new solutions for the civil air transportation in the future. The project is conducted by European research institutes, universities and corporations.
    The aim of the OPTIMISM-project (Optimising PassengerTransport Information to Materialise Insights for Sustainabe Mobility) is to develop different sets of strategies and methodologies for optimising passenger transport systems based on co-modality ICT solutions.
  • BiCar
    Unter der Leitung des Zentrums für Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung (ZPP) wird an der ZHAW eine neue innerstädtische Mobilitätslösung entwickelt.
  • Kooperative Logistik Zürich
    Im Verbund mit Partnern entwickelt das Institut für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (INE) eine Kooperationsplattform für die Logistikdienstleister, Verlader und Empfänger in der Stadt Zürich.
  • Sendungsbündelung
    Nicht nur in der Adventszeit laufen die Warentransporte auf Hochtouren. Wie die Zustellung von Paketen viel effizienter ablaufen könnte, zeigt ein Modell der ZHAW School of Engineering. Es bildet die Grundlage für eine systematische Bestimmung einer optimalen Sendungsbündelung, um so den Güterverkehr in urbanen Gebieten zu reduzieren.
  • Citybike Vienna
    The current bike-sharing system in Vienna was implemented in 2003. With this study the City of Vienna wants to find strategies for optimising the bike-sharing system when it comes to its quality, density and range. Likely developments for the future will also be identified.
  • Mobility Lake
    The «Mobility Lake» project aims to develop a cross-border, sustainable mobility concept for tourism and leisure activities in the Lake Constance region.