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Finished Projects:

  • COST Smart Energy Regions
    In moving towards smart energy regions, this project wants to explore holistic transition approaches on the demand and supply side, integrating the most appropriate elements from behaviour change programmes, business initiatives, policy strategies, measures, tools and technologies.
  • Energy Innovation System Region Winterthur
    Analysis of the status and recommendations for the development of the energy innovation system in the region of Winterthur
  • SCCER CREST (Phase 1)
    SCCER CREST will trigger and support innovation for the transition of the Swiss energy system on the macro, meso, and micro level. This requires not only new technological solutions but also policies and institutions that support firms and regions in adjusting to the new conditions.
  • Transition of regional energy systems (TREES)
    FES takes a regional perspective, and investigates interdependencies between different actor groups, technological solutions and their impact on the transition path of regional energy systems.
  • IEA DSM Task 24
    Demand-Side Management (DSM) aims at releasing the vast potential for cost-efficient energy efficiency that is locked in on the demand side (i.e. with the energy user). Following, this new Task of the IEA DSM Implementing Agreement is aimed at developing a framework that clearly links energy end user behaviour change research theory with successful policy implementation and outcome evaluation.