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Master of Science in Environment and Natural Ressources (MSc ENR) Studies at the Institute of Sustainable Development (INE)

The Institute of Sustainable Development (INE) offers master's degree courses for the Master of Science in Environment and Natural Ressources (MSc ENR). They can be completed in all of the INE's main subject areas.

In your MSc ENR Master's programme, you will spend about half of your study time at the Institute for Sustainable Development (INE). Here you will complete your specialisation and work on practice-oriented research and development projects in the main areas of study. In Project Works and in the Master's thesis at the end of the degree programme, you will solve real-life problems of society and the economy, usually in collaboration with partners in practice. You can also complete your Master's degree MSc ENR part-time, e.g. by working as a research assistant at INE or in practice.

You can deepen your knowledge with us in one of the following topics:

The INE is part of the Master Research Unit Ecological Engineering in the MSc ENR.


The MSc ENR is modular and consists of 60 ECTS compulsory modules and 30 ECTS elective modules. The INE teaches in the following modules:

Master theses

Below you will find a selection of possible Master thesis topics at INE:

Industry partners for Master theses

Here you will find a selection of practice partners where you can write your Master's thesis.