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Duromatic Comfort

Thanks to an algorithm developed by IMS, Kuhn-Rikon’s pressure cooker app calculates meal cooking times precisely. Thanks to this app even laypersons are able to prepare perfectly cooked dishes in a fast, healthy and energy-saving way.

Since their invention, pressure cookers have been renowned for their fast cooking ability. The higher pressure, which is generated by steam, increases the boiling point of the water up to 120°C (248°F), which decreases cooking time by up to 70%. Many manufacturers have developed their own systems how to keep the pressure cooker safe as well as easy and intuitive to use.

Up to now, the result of the cooking process has depended mainly on the chef’s experience since it is not possible to check the outcome during cooking. Thanks to the cooking timetable, which has been integrated into the Kuhn-Rikon app, it is not necessary to know how long to cook a vegetable or piece of meat.

The Innovation: Due to a temperature sensor in the pan lid, the app can calculate exactly, how well the food has been cooked. The energy-saving Bluetooth 4.0 enables wireless communication between sensor and app. The algorithm developed and patented by IMS determines how the user should control the stove in order to get a perfect result, based on received temperature data and adjustments linked to the cooking process. The app is able to warn the user in case something goes wrong in the process.

Project Details

Projekt Start: 2012

Projekt Duration: 14 months

Co-financed by KTI

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Kuhn Rikon DUROMATIC® COMFORT: Product Video

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