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Process Development

Functional materials for process engineering - process development for the production of new materials and for environmental technology

The research and development activities of the IMPE are basically linked to industrial issues. Thereby the development and optimization of products, processes and plants ready for series production are an integral part of the projects. Process technology and engineering, in combination with the use of new materials, is the basis for industrial innovations.

  • Separate, accumulate, rework (thermal, mechanical, chemical)
  • Membrane separation processes
  • Separation and enrichment by sorption
  • Power-to-X / methanation / fuel processing
  • Gas/flue gas treatment, water/waste water treatment
  • Joining technology (mechanical, adhesive, welding)
  • Heat treatment
  • Particle and powder synthesis
  • Ceramic shaping
  • Coatings
  • Compounding and extrusion
  • Additive manufacturing