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Winterthurer Klebstofftagung and presentation of the Winterthurer Klebstoffpreis (Adhesive Award 2021)

At the ZHAW School of Engineering.

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At the biennial Winterthurer Klebstofftagung, experts from the fields of adhesives and adhesive technology present new innovations, materials and processes for bonding a wide variety of surfaces in a reliable and application-oriented manner. Different adhesive technologies and their practical applications will be presented.

Winterthurer Klebstoffpreis (Award 2021). As part of the Winterthurer Klebstofftagung, the IMPE Institute of Materials and Process Engineering honours outstanding achievements in the field of adhesives and adhesive technologies in Switzerland with a prize of CHF 1000 and brings adhesive bonding more into the public eye.

Further information on the Winterthurer Klebstofftagung 2021 (in german)
Further information on the Winterthurer Klebstoffpreis 2021 (Adhesive Award 2021, in german)


Start date: 17 August 2021
End date: 17 August 2021


ZHAW School of Engineering / Campus Technikumstrasse
Technikumstrasse 9
8401 Winterthur


ZHAW Institute of Materials and Process Engineering
Technikumstrasse 9
8401 Winterthur