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Master's Programme at the Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering (IEFE)

During their master's programme, students are assigned an institute or centre which offers broad expertise in the discipline they have chosen. The Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering offers master's program places in Energy and Environment and in Industrial Technologies.

During the master's programme, students spend about two thirds of their duration of study at the Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering. Here they complete their in-depth studies and collaborate in practical research and development projects. During their in-depth studies and in the Master's thesis at the end of the program they solve real problems, usually in cooperation with an industrial partner.



Examples of Master's theses

Which solar technology provides how much energy?

Abbildung der Referenzanlage der Fachgruppe Photovoltaik

How can the energy yield of solar panels be planned? Standardised measuring methods only provide inaccurate projections. Thanks to a newly constructed reference system, a better planning guide can now be created. In line with this master's thesis, measurements and analyses were carried out on the system using various solar technologies. Read more

Efficient cooling units thanks to mobile measurement

Abbildung einer Kältemaschine

A cooling unit can only be energy-efficient when its is known, exactly which loads it is actually exposed to. Optimisation therefore starts with a metrological challenge. The «Mobile Chiller Analyzer» can manage this. It was developed at the Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering in line with this master's thesis. Read more



Simulation for optimising drying processes

The food industry uses many different dry goods. These are manufactured by drying raw materials using heat. Depending on the substance, however, drying may fail if too much heat was used, as this causes the diffusion coefficient to drop. This master's thesis examined just how drastic this effect is and how to dry optimally. Read more