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Project example: Open Sorption Process

Simple technology with a high utility value

The open sorption process is a combination of condensing appliance technology and absorption heat pumps.

Core Area

This technology is highly beneficial in

  • Waste Heat Recovery at high temperature levels
  • Exhaust Gas Dehumidification (prevents vapour)
  • Producing Industrial Water from the exhaust gases

The open sorption process has many benefits, some of which are the simple set-up and not requiring pressure tanks. The technology itself is also simply, can be scaled to need, is highly beneficial and cost-effective.


In this example (see picture) the Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering (IEFE) has combined the technology with a CHP and boiler plant (current project: 27 MW rated thermal input).

But other combinations are also possible:

  • Wood combustion plant
  • STIG process (Low-Cost-GUD)
  • Methanation (P2G)
  • Fuel cell
  • Washing and drying process
  • Coal-fired power plant

IEFE is seeking industry partners for these combinations to jointly develop new applications. Please contact us if interested.

At a glance

Involved institutes and centers:


  • Project partner in request

Status: running