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Project example: Battery System for a Low-Noise Electric Plane

Starting Position

Dimensioning a suitable battery system in line with a feasibility study for an electric powered training plane. Special attention must be paid to complying with the weight and safety requirements. All components are designed to be suitable for potential aircraft certification. The special challenge, however, is that this is not a new design, but a conversion of a conventional plane.



Various solutions were developed along with technical implementation. The assessment was based on the description found in literature available to us. Based on the high demands for energy density, lithium-ion batteries were the only capacitor option. Over the course of the project, NMC Technology-based battery cells were favoured, based on the balanced characteristics and having been tried and tested.

In collaboration with partners experienced in aviation systems, a redundant and modular construction was designed which provides maximum safety and flexibility. Calculations, simulations and measurements show that with today's technology, a rapid-charge battery system weighing 280 kg total weight and an energy content of up to 45 kWh can be implemented. This corresponds with a flight time of about 50 minutes.

At a glance

Institutes and centres involved:

Project status: completed