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Results of DynPOWER 2022

On 19 September, the 6th international workshop on dynamic stability challenges of the future power grids DynPOWER took place at the Casinotheater Winterthur and presentations where streamed in real-time over the internet on a hybrid event.
The organising committee would like to thank all participants that made this edition possible. This year, we received 460 registrations from more than 60 countries. Approximately 40 persons attended the event in Switzerland and we maintained an average of 100 live participants throughout the day. Many attendees reported very positive feedback and although some technical issues at the beginning of the session, the organizers managed to tackle the challenges and carry on with a successful event.
The organizing committee would like to thank once again all speakers for their valuable and high quality presentations, to Typhoon HIL, Inc. for the sponsorship and all registered participants for making the event possible. We are looking forward to meeting you next year.

Material of the event

In this section, you can download the power point presentations used in the event as well as the recorded videos of the presentation. The information presented here belongs to the corresponding authors. It is prohibited any kind of reproduction of the material without the consent of the authors or giving the corresponding credit to their work.

Welcome - Rafael Segundo & Petr Korba

Paolo Attilio Pegoraro, University of Cagliari, Italy
“Power system monitoring and state estimation under dynamic conditions: a measurement perspective”


presentation(PDF 2,3 MB)

Charalambos (Harrys) Konstantinou, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

“Cybersecurity Challenges for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems Stability”


presentation(PDF 12,0 MB)

Silvia Bardi, Typhoon HIL, Switzerland

“Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing for Grid Stability and Resilience”


presentation(PDF 2,7 MB)

Gabriel E. Mejia-Ruiz, UNAM, Mexico

“Real-Time Co-Simulation of Transmission and Distribution Networks with Frequency and Voltage Optimal Control”


presentation(PDF 6,4 MB)

Lunch Break

Welcome– Rafael Segundo & Petr Korba

Rossano Musca & Cosimo Pisani, University of Palermo and Terna, Italy

“Modelling of the European power system for dynamic simulations in current and future scenarios”


presentation(PDF 2,2 MB)

Giorgio Giannuzzi, Terna, Italy

New voltage regulator and LQRI application”


presentation(PDF 3,4 MB)

Asja Derviškadić, Swissgrid, Switzerland

“Analysis of the two systems splits within the Continental European Synchronous Area in year 2021”


presentation(PDF 7,2 MB)

Krešimir Mesić and Marko Rekić, HOPS, Croatia

“Systems for supporting power system operation of modern TSO”


presentation(PDF 5,4 MB)

Jaime Cepeda, CENACE, Ecuador

Applications of Real-Time Digital Twin Simulation along with WAMS for improving the power system dynamic security


presentation(PDF 4,3 MB)


Organizing Committee

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