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Fluid Engineering / Optimisation in CFE

Streams and thermodynamic transport processes affect the quality and efficiency of different technical systems and devices. Optimal flow conditions and transport processes are already important during the design phase. Many existing systems also have great potential for optimisation with respect to these characteristics.


Core Area

Full utilisation of this potential requires an understanding and mastering of the processes involved. The Institute of Energy Systems and Fluid Engineering (IEFE) will support you both as a partner and a client in obtaining this knowledge from expertise. IEFE utilises numerical simulations and experimental measurement analyses for this.


Fluid Dynamics

IEFE will analyse, assess and optimise the behaviour of stationary or transient, incompressible or compressible, single or multi-phase flows with or without free surface and in rotating processes for you.


When thermal energy matters, it pays to review the energy efficiency of a system. IEFE aids its partners and clients in analysing problems related to heat conduction, convection and thermal radiation.

Fluid Engineering project examples