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Institute of Computational Physics (ICP)

«We are the specialists in computer simulations. The close collaboration with our partners results in convincing simulation results that generate customer value.» 

Dr. Andreas Witzig, Director of Institute

At the ICP, a team of physicists, mathematicians and engineers works on applying methods and results from basic research to problem areas in industry.

For over 20 years, the ICP has been developing multiphysics computer models on the basis of finite element methods, which can be used, for example, to simulate crowd flows at large events such as the Street Parade or research the stability of ultra-thin solar cells. In addition to this, the ICP operates a laboratory for optoelectronics to develop optoelectronic materials and new optical measurement methods.

Together with its partners from the worlds of research  and industry, the ICP works on solutions for concrete problems, such as how coatings can be measured contact-free and how aging processes in fuel cells can be halted.

To learn more about the ICP, please visit our German homepage.

Research Reports


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    A Finite Element Simulation of High Density Pedestrian Flow


    In: Victor L. Knoop; Winnie Daamen (Hg.). Traffic and Granular Flow '15. (VII, 632). Delft: Springer International Publishing.

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    Improved conversion efficiencies of thin-film silicon tandem (Micromorph) photovoltaic modules


    Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 144. 84-95. Peer reviewed.

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    Microcrystalline bottom cells in large area thin film silicon MICROMORPH™ solar modules


    Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 157. 178-189. Peer reviewed.

Spin-off Companies

More about the ICP

To learn more about the ICP, please visit our German homepage.