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Lab Sciences Award 2024 to BA Students Martin Oswald and Tenzin Langdun

After already receiving the regional Siemens Excellence Award 2023, Martin Oswald and Tenzin S. Langdun are among the winners of the Lab Sciences Award 2024.

The Lab Sciences Award provides recognition for outstanding bachelor theses with results that are relevant to lab sciences and diagnostics. 

The thesis “Deep-Learning-based Cell Segmentation for the Detection of Thyroid Cancer in Single Cells” presents a U-Net-based deep learning model for automated segmentation of thyroid cancer cells using Fluorescence polarization (Fpol) imaging of methylene blue (MB).  The model was trained with diverse human thyroid cell images and compared automated (AU) and manual (MA) segmentation in terms of cell count, segmented areas, and Fpol values. The automated method detected 15.4% more cells, with the area differences ranging from -55.2% to +31.0% and Fpol value differences from -20.7% to +10.7%. No significant statistical differences in Fpol data were found between AU and MA. Larger discrepancies in Fpol values were associated with greater differences in segmented cell areas. The automated process drastically reduced analysis time from an hour to approximately 10 seconds, making Fpol-based diagnosis more clinically viable.

The exact ranking of the winners will be announced on 12th September 2024 at the Swiss Automation 2024 congress.

A big congrats to Martin and Tenzin!