Continuing education programmes in the area of Processes & Quality

Process & Logistics Management

The overarching process management for planning, management and controlling of material, value and information flows is not only decisive for success but often even a factor relevant for survival.

Our CAS and DAS continuing education programmes in the field of Process and Logistics Management look at the logistics sector as a whole and introduce you to the overarching business processes of the globally networked economy.

CAS Project Management

For companies and organisations, the continual optimisation of their products and processes is more vital than ever before. Professional project management is of central importance for target-oriented and structured changes in this fast-paced and stressful environment because that is the only way to ensure that optimisations are successful and not just left to chance. This means that today, methodological expertise above all is expected, in addition to specialist skills from all the parties involved, both management and employees – and this methodological expertise is precisely what the “CAS Project Management” programme teaches.

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CAS Project Management (in German)

CAS Quality Management

Quality management is a key strategic competitive factor. Good quality management requires effective and above all transparent processes that focus on customer benefits on the one hand and yet are also manageable for employees.

The “CAS Quality Management” programme offers a future-oriented, comprehensive and practice-oriented education in “Total Quality Management (TQM)” and in integrated management systems.

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CAS Quality Management (in German)

CAS Maintenance Management

Maintenance makes a significant contribution to the added value of every company that uses technological systems to supply goods and services. It ensures that the required systems and resources are available in sufficient amounts.

Maintenance managers, such as our graduates of the “CAS Maintenance Management” programme, are responsible for the efficient and effective organisation and implementation of maintenance and thus make as great a contribution as possible to a company’s success.

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CAS Maintenance Management (in German)

CAS Asset Management

The optimal management of technical systems, in particular those of infrastructure operators, is increasing in significance at a staggering rate in these times of slashed budgets and deregulation.

The “CAS Asset Management” programme for technical infrastructure offers the only opportunity in Switzerland to acquire all the required skills in this field within an integrated setting.