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Continuing education programmes in the field of Mobility & Logistics

Continuing education course Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

Inadequate training of a pilot for dealing with unusual or extreme flight attitudes can result in potentially hazardous or incorrect operation and control inputs on the aeroplane. Despite the rareness of such unintended flight attitudes and the experience of many pilots, the loss of control over the aircraft by the crew (Loss of Control in Flight, LOC-I) is the leading cause of aircraft accidents in commercial and private aviation. Almost 25% of all accidents and 40% of all fatal accidents are caused by the so-called LOC-I. The UPRT continuing education course addresses this problem and enables mainly private pilots but also pilots of other licence levels to train in and extend solution strategies for the prevention of and coping with unusual flight conditions (Upsets).


The overarching process management for planning, management and controlling of material, value and information flows is not only decisive for success but often even a factor relevant for survival.

Our DAS and CAS continuing education programmes in the field of Process and Logistics Management look at the logistics sector as a whole and introduce you to the overarching business processes of the globally networked economy.