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The ZHAW School of Engineering supports the founding of new companies whose business models are based on academic research and development, thereby effectively promoting the translation of project results into market-ready products.

CoatChecker GmbH

CoatChecker GmbH deals with the non-destructive and rapid measurement of layer thicknesses in the millimeter range. The technology used for this is based on a revolutionary photothermal process and digital signal processing.

Fluxim AG

Fluxim AG develops and distributes R&D tools for the flat screen, lighting and solar cell industries. Their software is used to gain insight into device operation and for optimising device performance.

NM Numerical Modelling GmbH

NM Numerical Modelling GmbH is active in the field of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and offers services and simulation tools for small and medium enterprises.

NanoLockin GmbH

NanoLockin GmbH has developed an instrument for the detection and analysis of nano particles in a wide range of products. Their Lock-In-Thermography - an ultra-sensitive infrared imaging technology - enables the detection of nano particles in the most complex environments. The spin-off resulted of a collaboration with the Adolphe Merkle Institute in Friborg.

Opus Néoi GmbH

Opus Néoi's origins from the Institute of Computational Physics. Opus Néoi has developed a device to measure the thickness of skin layers and skin moisture. An app provides users with recommendations for products best suited for their skin type.

Share your BICAR AG

Share your BICAR AG develops a new vehicle tailored to urban mobility needs. While as space-saving, manoeuvrable and ecologically friendly as a bicycle, it provides shelter and comfort and is powered like an electric car.

SpinningBytes AG

SpinningBytes AG develops software solutions for automatic text comprehension and text analysis based on machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. Their goal is to build a bridge between research and industry.

Winterthur Instruments AG

The coatmaster from Winterthur Instruments measures the layer thickness contactlessly and immediately after the coating process. Deviations from the setpoint get quickly detected and readjusted. The coatmaster is a core component for the digitization of the coating industry.


The company Zarawind develops an innovative wind power system operating several hundred metres above ground. The system is compact, inexpensive and ecologically friendly and therefore perfectly suited for off-grid areas.