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Spin Offs

The ZHAW School of Engineering assists in the founding of companies based on research findings and developments. In this way, project results can also be further developed to become market-ready products.

am-tec switzerland

am-tec switzerland ag offers solutions in the area of strategic asset management. We deal here with such things as the issue of where the financial assets available for support must be invested to achieve the greatest possible return. Our solutions can be used to increase the short-, medium- and long-range effectiveness of your investments and thus to achieve more benefits for less money with your supply and production infrastructure.



DERMOLOCKIN GmbH is a spin-off company of the Institute of Computational Physics (ICP) of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). The company develops and commercializes  active thermography-based systems for dermatology.



Fluxim AG develops and markets R&D Tools for the flat screen, lighting and solar cell industry. The SETFOS simulation software enables the design and optimization of organic light diodes for screen and lighting applications and of solar cells. The SETFOS software celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2014. The PAIOS measurement platform was introduced in 2013 and measures the dynamic electrical properties of semiconductor components. Some of Fluxim's customers include prominent technology groups in Asia, Europe and the USA.



Medyria, with its headquarters in Winterthur, is a Swiss Medtech start-up which develops technical solutions for catheter navigation and measurements. Medyria's primary objective is to make catheter procedures faster, safer and more effective. The core is a sensor-based system for measuring blood flow, the "Flowcath", and a technology for the processing of bloodflow data and the navigation of the catheter, the "Trackcath". The combination of these two technologies provides a tool which physicians can use during minimally invasive procedures.


NM Numerical Modelling GmbH

NM Numerical Modelling GmbH works in the field of Computer Aided Engineering CAE and offers simulation services and tools to small and mid-sized companies (SMEs). We provide our knowledge of physics, chemistry and engineering in such a way that it can be used to develop your product. We see ourselves as a bridge between basic academic research and your technical competence and experience. NM speaks your language. We are in the position to process complex information in accordance with your requirements without neglecting your general conditions regarding time and costs.


SpinningBytes AG

SpinningBytes AG was founded 2015 and develops software that automatically finds relevant information in huge data sets of text, numerical data, images, and audio files. These insights are designed for business decisions, process optimization or new data products. The technology can be used, for instance, to understand Social Media, optimize sales, or analyze medical images.



THELKIN offers test systems and simulators for the mechanical characterisation of products, components and materials. Our drives are based solely on electrical technology and are thus – in contrast to conventional hydraulic or pneumatic drives – low-maintenance, energy-efficient, quiet and clean. Test applications in orthopaedics, microelectronics, and the plastic and watchmaking industries, to name a few examples, can be similarly implemented.


Winterthur Instruments

Winterthur Instruments develops and markets the CoatMaster for measuring coat thickness, thermal coat resistance and other properties of coatings. The CoatMaster was developed together with our partners J. Wagner, Sulzer Metco and AkzoNobel. Our systems are used for quality assurance and process control in powder coating, wet lacquer coating and thermal spraying. Customers use the systems to measure coat thickness in the early stage of a process, even on parts with wet and uncured coatings.