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Business services for private clients


Barrier-free Communication

We employ (computational) linguistics methods to support people with visual or hearing impairments and speakers with limited knowledge of the local language. Our aim is to ensure that barrier-free communication takes place and that information is accessible to everybody.

Contact: Susanne Jekat

Goethe-Institut examinations

The LCC Language Competence Centre is a regional examination centre accredited to conduct the Goethe-Institut examinations. The LCC regularly carries out examinations at all levels (A1 to C2).

Contact: Secretariat LCC, DAF

Writing services

We offer public authorities, companies from various sectors, private individuals and students a wide range of services designed to improve their writing skills.  If you are looking for writing consultancy services tailored to your needs or the needs of your employees, you’ve come to the right place. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contact:  Wiebke Tanja Sigrist

Language tests for recognition of foreign teaching qualifications

On behalf of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (Schweizerische Konferenz der kantonalen Erziehungsdirektoren or EDK), we conduct language tests in German, French and Italian with teaching professionals who have foreign qualifications as part of the recognition procedure for non-Swiss teaching diplomas.

Contact: Andrea Thomas-Spengler

Learning in Tandem

Two people with different mother tongues learn their partner’s language at their own pace. Tandem is free of charge and is offered by the School of Applied Linguistics. We will provide you with a Tandem partner and support from our Tandem team.

Contact: Brittany Rodriguez


Internet addiction and cyber bullying

We offer counseling, therapy and advice on prevention strategies for adults, children and adolescents who have problems with their use of online media; for example, excessive use of a mobile phone or computer (Internet, video games, social networks, etc.).

Vocational, academic and careers consultancy

We offer support and advice at all stages of your career, from vocational and academic guidance through to careers advice and retirement consulting. Our team consists of psychologists with additional qualifications in vocational, academic and careers consultancy.

Mental training and sports psychology

A high level of professional and athletic performance is not only based on technical and physical capabilities; psychological factors also play a decisive role. Mental training can help you to achieve your goals in sport and/or your profession and to manage challenging situations with confidence. We offer support and advice in the fields of mental training and sports psychology.

Crisis counselling and psychotherapy

People experience crises for a variety of reasons, not only because of distressing life events, such as bereavement or separation. It is often difficult situations in everyday life which can lead to a crisis; for example, pressure to perform and meet objectives, or a general feeling of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled needs. We offer professional psychological counselling and psychotherapy to people in stressful situations and crises.


Consumer panel

For our research and studies, we are always looking for motivated consumers who would like to contribute to the development of products by offering their opinions and suggestions. This involves taking part in taste tests at our sensory laboratory in Wädenswil.

Contact: Annette Bongartz