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Laboratory simulation

Obstetric simulation training

Obstetrics teams can practise dealing with various childbirth events in realistic settings and real-time simulations.

Contact: Regula Hauser

Usability testing

In our usability lab, we test the user-friendliness of a wide range of items, including technical products, software applications or technical documents. In addition, by involving focus groups, we are able to evaluate the opinions and ideas of potential users at an early stage of product development.

Contact: Catherine Badras

Sensory laboratory

Our sensory laboratory offers a wide range of options to conduct a sensory analysis of food products under professional conditions. In addition to its well-equipped preparation and storage rooms, the laboratory features twelve separate testing booths. The booths are equipped with PCs and the sensory software Fizz, which captures and compiles test results electronically.

Contact: Annette Bongartz