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Workplace ergonomics

We analyse office, industrial and other working environments and provide advice on how to optimise work space and individual working patterns.

Contact: Carolin Heitz

Occupational health

We offer consultancy and support to develop and implement occupational health management in your company or organisation.

Contact: Regula Neck-Häberli

Language Testing Competence Centre

The Language Testing Competence Centre at the ZHAW advises and assists institutions in developing, validating and optimising language proficiency assessments. It is aimed at companies, the public sector and non-profit organisations.

Contact: Urs Egli

Text and media workshops

The text and media workshops run by the Institute of Applied Media Studies (IAM) are tailor-made for editorial and communications teams as well as for individuals in management and editorial positions. These consultancy services are modular in structure and include:
Corporate Publishing Review, Media Design, Message Design, Writing Workshop, Writing Coaching, Media Training.

Contact: Carmen Koch

Writing services

We offer public authorities, companies from various sectors, private individuals and students a wide range of services designed to improve their writing skills.  If you are looking for writing consultancy services tailored to your needs or the needs of your employees, you’ve come to the right place. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Contact:  Wiebke Tanja Sigrist


We provide terminological expertise if you wish to check a text for comprehensibility and/or the consistent use of terminology or to check the readability of a technical text for a non-expert audience. We are also able to help you develop a term base for your company or organisation.

Contact: Christian Kriele

Optimising specialised texts

We advise companies, public institutions and professionals on how to optimise their specialised texts. We start by reviewing the conceptualisation and structure of texts and the understandability of technical terms. We then make recommendations as to how the texts can be optimised, taking into account their purpose and the needs of their target audience.

Contact: Felix Steiner

Leadership, coaching and change management

We provide consultancy and guidance to companies and teams on topics such as management training, conflict management and mediation, team and organisational development, and change management. We also offer outdoor training activities and help managers with their approach to the soft factors of leadership.

Human Resources, learning and development

We provide consultancy and support for companies in the areas of competence-focussed learning, workplace learning, digital learning, quality assurance and the evaluation of in-company  training and continuing professional development, concepts consulting, transfer management and the training of employees responsible for internal training programmes (Train the Trainer).

Diagnostics, traffic and safety psychology

We provide tailor-made assessment and evaluation services for the recruitment of personnel; these include potential assessments, status assessments , assessment centres or development centres. We also conduct management audits and offer advice on succession planning, diagnostics and selection. We are specialists in suitability diagnostics and tests for safety-sensitive occupations and for people in operational management positions. Within this remit, we conduct fitness and suitability tests for professional drivers.

Careers guidance, outplacement, company succession planning and entrepreneurship

During a careers guidance session, employees take part in a self-appraisal  process. Drawing on face-to-face discussions or using psychometric questionnaires, we work together to identify potential areas for development and to plan ways of implement these developments.  In an outplacement consultation, employees who are affected by redundancy measures receive professional support to help refocus their careers. We also provide support in the decision-making process involved in company succession planning.

Psychological counselling for companies and their employees

Your employees’ psychological welfare is a key factor in their performance and productivity. If problems and difficulties are dealt with at an early stage, their performance and job satisfaction can be improved long-term, and absences from work can be reduced.
As an independent, external consultancy service provider, we offer support to your employees in dealing with work-related matters, personal or health concerns or psychological issues.

Supervision, coaching and mediation

We can help you to promote collaboration, to resolve instances of conflict and misunderstanding, to improve performance and communication, and to increase motivation. We show you how to exploit untapped potential and how to develop your employees’ social, personal and professional competences, and we offer guidance in achieving these aims.

Contact: Lukas Winkelmann

Organisational consultancy

We advise managers on questions of strategy, we analyse organisations and their potential for change, and we moderate the process of proposal development and change management. In addition, we provide support to conceptualise and implement measures such as quality management and performance indicator systems.

Contact: Lukas Winkelmann

Specialist consultancy: social work

Consultancy services that focus on workplace training and personnel development help you to align internal and external training activities with the goals of the organisation. Our range of services also includes concept and strategy development, expertise development, specialist presentations and evaluations.

Contact: Lukas Winkelmann

Roberta – learning with robots

The Roberta associated centre in Winterthur offers courses, workshops and roadshows at appropriate levels for teaching staff and classes at primary and secondary schools. In the workshops, pupils from the age of 10 have the chance to build and programme robots. This playful approach to technology allows them to discover skills and abilities they may have been unaware of and to develop their self-confidence.

Contact: Kathrin Viola Hopkins

Information technology and data protection

We offer legal advice on data protection issues, clarification of data protection requirements in research and service projects, and training and consultancy on matters related to data protection.

Contact: Sara Licci

Legal advice on diversity

Using our interdisciplinary expertise, we help institutions and companies to establish and develop diversity policies. We also work with public authorities to enable them to direct their efforts and activities at different communities and social groups, in accordance with diversity mainstreaming.

Contact: Sara Licci

WTO/GATT tenders

We offer support in connection with WTO/GATT calls for tender. We provide guidance on the development and preparation of tenders, on the conception and design of organisations, on audits, and on resolving difficult situations.

Contact: Thomas Keller

In-house training

Our training courses help you to apply knowledge and current insights from the world of business management. We offer in-house training for specialists and managers as well as training and continuing education courses tailored to the needs of your company or organisation. You determine the goals, objectives and scope; we provide the content and resources and conduct the training course at your company or organisation.

Contact: Marcel Sieber

Human capital management

We offer support to management and HR professionals in all sectors in the development and implementation of human capital management. You benefit from our broad solutions portfolio and our practical experience with many different sectors and operational sizes. We show you how to develop and strategically implement effective measures to increase employee productivity whilst under pressure to reduce costs.

Contact: Kuno Ledergerber

Strategy and operations

We offer consultancy services to companies in the areas of strategy development, and project and operations management. In this way, we devise company-specific solutions to improve performance. We take a holistic and interdisciplinary approach and place emphasis on sustainable, long-term training and development of employees through continuing education courses and coaching.

Contact: Franz Röösli

Innovation and entrepreneurship

We provide professional consultancy services to companies and entrepreneurs on strategically relevant issues in our three areas of expertise: strategic foresight, business innovation and entrepreneurship. We focus on providing added value by applying the latest scientific findings and methodologies and by working across a wide range of disciplines.

Contact: Adrian Müller

Food legislation and assessment

Products sold in Switzerland must be labelled correctly. Due to food law requirements, this is often a complex issue. We create, assess and optimise your labels so that they comply with Swiss food law standards. We also evaluate the marketability of your products in Switzerland, and we offer expert advice and consulting on all questions related to food legislation and assessment.

Contact: Evelyn Kirchsteiger-Meier

Health economics

We carry out strategic and operational consultancy projects. with various public and private stakeholders in the healthcare system. Thanks to our broad spectrum of methods, we can offer you solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Contact: Urs Brügger