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Inventories, expert reports, feasibility studies

We conduct inventories and feasibility studies and compile expert reports for residential and urban development projects which are in line with our priorities in research and teaching or which are relevant to the findings from our research projects.

Contact: Regula Iseli and Stefan Kurath

Communications Compass

The Communications Compass is designed for companies, nonprofit organisations, political organisations and media editors. We review and help to optimise your ideas, concepts and strategies. We also help you to make targeted use of media and to optimise processes and/or outcomes of public communication.

Contact: Carmen Koch

Technical documentation

We can advise you on how to improve the documentation which accompanies your products. This includes augmented reality applications, document and weak point analyses, the optimisation of documentation processes and the adjustment of documents to meet local conditions.

Contact: Catherine Badras

Expert taste testing of food products

Our trained expert panels conduct objective taste tests of food products.  Currently, we operate the only panel in Switzerland which conducts sensory evaluations of olive oils.

Contact: Annette Bongartz