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Jörg Wendel

  Jörg Wendel

Jörg Wendel
ZHAW School of Management and Law
Theaterstrasse 15b
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 66 48

Personal profile

Management role

Director of Department, Director Department Operations & Services


Educational background

Dipl.-Geograph (University of Bonn) - Subsidiary subjects: Urban Development and Soil Science. Major fields of study: Urban & regional Planning; participatative planning; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); sustainable development.

EFQM Assessor for Excellence

Membership of networks


Books and editorships

Non-peer-reviewed articles/chapters

  • ().

    GIS-applications as a tool in urban poverty reduction


    In: Schneider-Sliwa, Rita (Hg.). Recovering Slums - Determinants of poverty and upward social mobility in urban slums. Case studies from India (426). Basel Development Studies , 1. Basel: Schwabe.

  • ().

    Die Agglomeration Strasbourg: Struktur, Entwicklung und Tendenzen - ein Überblick


    Geographica Helvetica, 4/2005. 260.

  • ().

    La mutation des emplois hautement qualifiés dans l'agglomération trans-frontalière strasbourgeoise


    Fractures sociales et problématiques urbaines en Suisse et en région rhénane méridionale, 81e Année, 4/2004. 569.