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Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tellenbach

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tellenbach

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Tellenbach

ZHAW School of Engineering
Forschungsschwerpunkt Information Security
Steinberggasse 13
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 65 68

Personal profile

Management role

Head of Research/Focus Area, Head of Research Area, Information Security

Position at the ZHAW

I'm a senior lecturer for computer science at ZHAW (since 2010), focusing on information security. I'm heading the information security research area and my main activities are in research and development and in teaching (Bachelor and Master level).

In 2005, I graduated from ETH Zurich as M.Sc. in electrical engineering and information technology, specializing in the areas computer engineering, communication systems and information security. After graduation, I worked as a research assistant at ETH Zurich. In 2012, I completed my dissertation on detection, classification and visualization of anomalies (in network traffic) using generalized entropy metrics. In parallel to this position, I had a teaching assignment at the university of applied sciences in the domain of operating systems and parallel and network programming.

Occasionally, I'm also doing some work as an IT security consultant as a contractor.

Professional development teaching

Expertise and research interests

Information security, particularly network security, system security, security assessments, and security training and testing.

Educational background

2012: Doctor of Sciences (Dr. Sc. ETH Zurich)
2011: Certificate of Teaching Ability in Electrical Engineering, ETH Zurich
2005: M. Sc. ETH in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
1999: Matura Typus C at Gymnasium Kirchenfeld

Professional milestones

since 2017: Leiter des Schwerpunkts Information Security
since 2010: Senior Lecturer for Information Security, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
2008 - 2008: Research Intern, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
2006 - 2011: Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil
2005 - 2011: Research Assistant, Communication Systems Group at ETH Zürich
1998 - 2002: Assistent Produktmanagement (Teilzeit, Projektbasis), Ascom Autelca AG

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Articles in scientific journal, peer-reviewed
Books and monographs, peer-reviewed
Book parts, peer-reviewed
Conference contributions, peer-reviewed
Oral conference contributions and abstracts
Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

Bernhard Tellenbach, Detection, Classification and Visualization of Anomalies using Generalized Entropy Metrics, Dissertation, Shaker Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8440-2042-7, 2013

Bernhard Tellenbach, Martin Burkhart, Dominik Schatzmann, David Gugelmann, Didier Sornette, Accurate network anomaly classification with generalized entropy metrics.
Computer Networks 01/2011; 55:3485-3502.

Brian Trammell, Bernhard Tellenbach, Dominik Schatzmann, Martin Burkhart, Peeling Away Timing Error in NetFlow Data, Passive and Active Measurement Conference, 2011

Bernhard Tellenbach, Martin Burkhart, Didier Sornette and Thomas Maillart, Beyond Shannon: Characterizing Internet Traffic with Generalized Entropy Metrics, Passive and Active Measurement Conference, Seoul, South-Korea, 2009

Laurent Zimmerli, Bernhard Tellenbach, Arno Wagner and Bernhard Plattner, Rating Autonomous Systems, IEEE International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection, Venice, Italy, 2009

Stefan Frei, Bernhard Tellenbach, 0-Day Patch - Exposing Vendors (In)security Performance, BlackHat Europe, Amsterdam, 2008

Bernhard Tellenbach, Daniela Brauckhoff, Martin May, Impact of Traffic Mix and Packet Sampling on Anomaly Visibility, The third International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection ICIMP ’08, Bucharest, Romania, 2008

S. Antonatos, D. Brauckhoff, B. Tellenbach, A. Slowinska, The NoAH Project – Poster
TNC 2007, Copenhagen, 2007

Daniela Brauckhoff, Bernhard Tellenbach, Arno Wagner, Anukool Lakhina, Martin May
Impact of Packet Sampling on Anomaly Detection Metrics, ACM Internet Measurement Conference, IMC 2006, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 2006