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Dr. Peter Sommerauer

Dr. Peter Sommerauer

Dr. Peter Sommerauer

ZHAW School of Management and Law
Theaterstrasse 17
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 45 26

Personal profile

Position at the ZHAW

Researcher at the Departemente for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Expertise and research interests

Impact Entrepreneurship, Digital Entrepreneurship, Augmented Reality, Learning Analytics, business process management;

Educational background

PhD Diploma in Business IT, 2019, IT-UNIVERSITY of COPENHAGEN / DK

MSc in IT & Business Process Management, 2016, UNIVERSITY of LIECHTENSTEIN
BSc in Business Information Systems, 2013, UNIVERSITY of LIECHTENSTEIN

Diploma as Mechanical Engineer, 1992, TECHNIKUM LINZ / AT

Professional milestones

since 2008 Founder, General manager / Board of directors i-smARt Trust reg. in Liechtenstein
- Project management international Information Systems research & development programs
- 12+ Research projects at the intersection of vocational/higher education
- Project management Information Systems, focus on Augmented Reality & media-based training

2013-2016 Research assistant University of Liechtenstein
- SME centre: Start-Up coach, Digital Innovation & Implementation, Businessplan "Channels"
- Project management international research projects

2003-2007 Founder and general manager NetBiz AG, Eschen / LI; Industry: Web-development / -hosting;
2003-2005 Founder and general manager ACTIV8 GmbH, Linz/AT; Industry: IT Software development;
2005-2007 Founder and general manager BizzLine Establishment, Eschen/LI; Industry: Advertising ageny;
2000-2005 Founder and general manager SITCOM - Secure Information Technology and Cooperative Media, Linz/AT; Industry: IT / Systems engineering;

1998-2000 Technical assistent JOH.-KEPLER UNIVERSITY of Linz / AT; Institute for Telecooperation


Conference contributions, peer-reviewed
Publications before appointment at the ZHAW


Sommerauer, P., & Müller, O. (2014). Augmented reality in informal learning environments: A field experiment in a mathematics exhibition. Computers & Education, 79, 59-68.


Sommerauer, P. (2021). Augmented Reality in VET: Benefits of a qualitative and quantitative study for workplace training. In Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (p. 1623).

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Sommerauer, P. (2019). Augmented Reality in Informal Learning Environments Design and Evaluation of Mobile Applications. IT-Universitetet i København.

Sommerauer, P. (2015). Learning Analytics and Its Potential for University Teaching and Learning for Small Size Universities. University of Liechtenstein.

Sommerauer, P. (2013). Auswirkungen von Augmented Reality Werkzeugen innerhalb virtueller Lernumgebungen im Rahmen eines Feldexperiments am Liechtensteinischen Landesmuseum. University of Liechtenstein.


Van Goethem, C., & Sommerauer, P. (2020). From ESCO to LAAR - A project's WHITE PAPER. Technical Report. LAAR - Principles for effective Learning Analytics in Augmented Reality learning applications for professional education. Laurentius Verlag, Schaan, LI. ISBN 978-3-03912-006-2.

Sommerauer, P., Thomann, C., Stroetmann, R., Seyer-Weiß, S., Gabler, M., Ritter, S., & Moll, T. (2017). ECVAET 3 – The European master craftsperson education and training in event technology: Results and recommendations for a European master craftsperson education and training. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.23080.11524

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Schmid, A., Schultheiss, D., & Sommerauer, P. (2014). AUGMENTED REALITY IN ACTION - Digital Revolution in Helicoptering. 360° - the Business Transformation Journal, No. 12.

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