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Dr. Carmen Kobe

Dr. Carmen Kobe

Dr. Carmen Kobe

ZHAW School of Management and Law
Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Theaterstrasse 17
8400 Winterthur

+41 (0) 58 934 46 17

Personal profile

Management role

Programme Director, MAS Digital Transformation

Position at the ZHAW

Senior Researcher at the Insitute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Fachstelle Business Innovation

Expertise and research interests

Organisational development with focus on innovation capability and Agility
Skill training for psychological safety, learning and innovation climate
Creative collaboration in inter- and transdisciplinary cooperations

Educational background

Dipl.-Phys. University of Hamburg (1996, specialization: Experimental Physics, Medical Physics, Business Administration),
Trainee Program Energy Supply, HEW Group (1997)
Dr. oec. HSG (2001, topic: integration of technology monitoring in the early phase of innovation projects),
Further education in project management, research methodology, workshop moderation, didactics and organizational development

Professional milestones

Organisational Development, Kobe Consulting (10/2008-07/2014):
Design and implementation of innovation processes and systems, creativity trainings, workshop facilitation.

Lecturer at various universities:
ETH Zurich: Methods in the Innovation Process (since 2005), Skills for Creativity and Innovation (since 2012).
Course of studies Innovation Engineering, ZHAW: Seminars on innovation process, innovation methods, change management and open innovation (2010-2014)
Course of studies Integrated Product Development, FH Dornbirn: Seminar Knowledge Management (2007-2012)

Post doc and senior assistant ETH Zurich (8/2001-9/2008)
Head of the research group "Product Innovation", Center for Product Development (2002-2005)
Head of the research group "Innovation and Creativity", Autonomous Systems Lab (2005-2008)

Research Assistant at the Institute for Technology Management, University of St. Gallen, HSG (7/1998 - 6/2001):
Head of the industry working group "Technology monitoring - early phase of the innovation process".
scientific support of the international benchmarking project "Innovation Controlling
IT manager

Project Manager Operations Management Systems, HanseNet Telekommunikation GmbH, Hamburg (10/1997 -6/1998):
Tendering of IT systems for operations management

Consulectra GmbH, Hamburg (4/1996-9/1997):
Trainee program in the parent company Hamburgische Electricitätswerke AG
Consultant for information technology (network control systems, business plan for a new telecommunication company)



Book parts, peer-reviewed
Conference contributions, peer-reviewed
Other publications
Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

(Auswahl mit Fokus Organisationsentwicklung/Innovationsmanagement)

Gassmann, O./ Kobe, C. (1999): Ganzheitliches F+E-Controlling und Management neuer Technologien – Beispiel Schindler. In: Boutellier, R./Völker, R./Voit, E. (Hrsg.): Innovationscontrolling. Hanser-Verlag: München, Wien, S. 47-62.

Lehner, P./ Kobe, C. (2006): Integration des Enterprise-Risk-Managements im Innovationsprozess. In: Gassmann, O. & Kobe, C. (Hrsg.): Management von Innovation und Risiko, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, S. 71-100.

Kobe, C. (2009): I-Puls – ein Instrument zur Messung und zum Aufbau von Innovationsfähigkeit in KMUs. In: Meyer, J.-A. (Hrsg.): Management-Instrumente in kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen, S. 189-208.

Journalpaper (reviewed):
Kobe, C. / Hipp, C. (2007): Ideen sprudeln lassen – Planung einer Kreativitätssession, Innovare – Performance Excellence – Zeitschrift für Controlling und Innovationsmanagement (ZfCI) 1, 4, special issue „Entrepreneurship und Innovation“, S. 12-16.

Nyffenegger, F./Kobe, C. (2009): IT-Unterstützung der frühen Phasen der Produkt-Innovation. Industrie Management, 2009, 1, S. 45-48.

Kobe, C. (2010): Can structure foster creativity and innovation? Propositions based on a Giddens-inspired framework. International Journal of Product Development, 11, 3/4, S. 166-176.

Konferenzpaper (reviewed):
Kobe, C. / Bodmer, C. (2002): Performance Measurement and Controlling in R&D – Actual Needs and Successful Practices. 9th International Product Development Management Conference, Sophia Antipolis, Frankreich, 27. – 28. Mai, S. 457-467.

Kobe, C. / Verworn, B./ Meier, M. (2005): Implementation of Innovation Process Models – Action Research in Swiss Companies. 12th International Product Development Management Conference, Kopenhagen, Dänemark, 12. – 14. Juni, S. 841-856.

Bösch, D. / Kobe, C. (2005): Structuring the uses of innovation performance measurement systems. The R&D Management Conference (RADMA), Pisa, Italien, 6. – 8. Juli, 8 Seiten.

Nyffenegger, F. / Jamali, N./ Kobe, C./ Meier, M. (2005): Towards an IT-supported Fuzzy Front-End of Product Development. 15th International Conference on Engineering Design, Melbourne, Australien, 15. – 18. August, 13 Seiten.

Kobe, C./ Otegi, J. / Delgado L. (2007): Explaining the Maturity Level of Innovation Management in SMEs. 8th CINet Continuous Innovation Network Conference, Götheburg, Schweden, 7. – 11. September, 9 Seiten.

Gomez de Ayala, P./ Kobe, C./ Faupel, J. / Hess, S. (2007): Improving the Performance of a Multinational, Intranet-Based Idea Management System. 8th CINet Continuous Innovation Network Conference, Götheburg, Schweden, 7. – 11. September, 12 Seiten.

Goller, I./Kobe, C. (2008): Developing a Team Creativity Training for Engineers. 9th CINet Continuous Innovation Network Conference, Valencia, Spanien, 7. – 9. September, 2008, S. 387-398.

Goller, I./Kobe, C. (2008): Investigating the effect of creativity trainings for engineers. 9th CINet Continuous Innovation Network Conference, Valencia, Spanien, 7. – 9. September, 2008, S. 399-410.

Kobe, C. (2009): Intervention practices to develop companies’ innovation capability. Research and Development Management Conference 2009, Wien, Österreich, 21. – 24. Juni, 8 Seiten.

Kobe, C./Verworn, B./Goller, I./Kleinemas, U./Hipp, C. (2010) Will demographic change affect companies' innovation capability? 11th CINet Continuous Innovation Network Conference 2010, Zürich, Schweiz, 5. – 7. September, 12 Seiten.