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Dr. Alexandra Dufresne

Dr. Alexandra Dufresne

Dr. Alexandra Dufresne
ZHAW School of Management and Law
Department Business Law

Personal profile

Position at the ZHAW

Lecturer in Anglo-American Law, Department of Business Law

Expertise and research interests

U.S. public and private law, child law and policy, immigration and refugee law and policy, international NGO and public interest advocacy, U.S.-based litigation, legislative advocacy in the U.S.

Educational background

J.D., University of Chicago Law School (1999)
B.A., Yale University (1996)

Professional milestones

Advisory Board Member, New Women Connectors, since 2020
Deputy Counsel for Europe and MENA, Democrats Abroad, since 2019
Lecturer, Department of Business Law, ZHAW, since 2018
Trustee, Asylos, since 2018
Lecturer, University of Zurich Faculty of Law, 2017-2018; Fall 2020
Lecturer, Yale University, Ethics, Politics and Economics; Political Science, 2006-2015
Counsel, Child Fatality Review Panel, State of Connecticut, 2013-2016
Staff Attorney, Center for Children's Advocacy, 2012-2016
Board Member, Integrated Refugees and Immigration Services (IRIS), 2011-2015
Senior Policy Fellow, Connecticut Voices for Children, 2007-2012
Dean, Morse College, Yale University, 2005-2007
Detention Attorney, CLINIC/Boston College Law School, 2003-2005
Litigation Associate, Hale and Dorr, LLP, 2002-2003
Law Clerk for the Hon. Martha Craig Daughtrey, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, 2001-2002
Litigation Association, Latham & Watkins, 1999-2001


Publications before appointment at the ZHAW

Dufresne, Alexandra, Center for Children's Advocacy, 2015. Students First: Ensuring Excellence and Opportunity for Students in Connecticut's Juvenile Justice System, available from

Dufresne, Alexandra, 2014. Information Key to Saving At-Risk Infants, The Hartford Courant, available from

Dufresne, Alexandra, Hillman, Annemarie, Carson, Cari, Kramer, Tamara, Connecticut Voices for Children, 2010. Teaching Discipline: A Toolkit, available from

Ali,Taby, Dufresne, Alexandra, Connecticut Voices for Children, 2008. Missing Out: Suspending Students from Connecticut Schools, available from

Other contributions

Dufresne, Alexandra, 2020. Trump's controversial pardons for 'white collar' criminals will have global consequences he can't even comprehend. The Independent, available from

Dufresne, Alexandra, 2020. If you know anything about the Constitution you know Republicans have no choice; they have to subpoena John Bolton. The Independent, available from

Dufresne, Alexandra, 2020. On impeachment, US Senators are bound by oath to 'do impartial justice'., available from

Dufresne, Alexandra, 2019. It's time to let 16- and 17-year-olds vote., available from

Dufresne, Alexandra, 2018. Family separation under US immigration law has a long history., available from