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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs, together with the Academic Committee and its working groups, supports the forward-looking development of the undergraduate academic programmes at the ZHAW. It promotes the exchange of new developments in teaching and, along with those responsible at the Schools, ensures that they are well integrated in programmes at the ZHAW

Academic Affairs includes the Blended Learning Support and Academic Administration Support Units. Reto Steiner, Dean at School of Management and Law, is strategic Head of Academic Affairs. Alessandro Maranta, Head of the Academic Affairs Unit, is responsible for the operational management.

Academic Affairs Unit

The Academic Affairs Unit, together with the Academic Committee, ensures the exchange of new developments in teaching and learning throughout the ZHAW. All of the Schools in the ZHAW are represented in the Academic Committee. The Academic Affairs Unit, along with partners within the ZHAW, makes sure that the ZHAW provides the framework conditions so that Bachelor's and Master's students can take advantage of excellent practice and research-based teaching and learning.

Alessandro Maranta, Head of Academic Affairs Unit

Blended Learning Support Unit

The Blended Learning Support Unit provides the foundations for the use of blended learning in both teaching and continuing education at the ZHAW. To this end, the Unit offers support and advice to the Schools on using blended learning tools in their degree programmes, as well as providing courses for lecturers. Through the blended learning working group, the Unit maintains an exchange on the developments in digital learning possibilities with the School representatives.

Lisa Messenzehl, Head of Blended Learning Support Unit

Academic Administration Support Unit

The Academic Administration Support Unit, together with the academic administration working group, is tasked with providing the administrative services framework for undergraduate studies throughout the ZHAW. All Schools and key units are represented in its working group. Together with the ICT, the Academic Administration Support Unit offers courses for academic administration staff at the Schools. In addition, it is involved in projects to further develop infrastructure and general conditions for academic administration.

Birgit Hitschrich, Head of Academic Administration Support Unit