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President’s Office

We provide management information and are responsible for communications as well as for the quality and strategic development of the university. We also offer various advisory and consultancy services.

The President’s Office houses the General Secretary’s Office, the Strategic Affairs Unit for Diversity, Higher Education Development, Corporate Communications and Legal Services. Strategic Affairs also form part of the President’s Office and are responsible for coordinating and promoting activity in the areas of Research & Development, International Affairs, Academic Affairs and Continuing Education.

General Secretariat

The Secretary General provides assistance to the President and is responsible for matters related to the Executive Board and is responsible for quality assurance within the President’s Office. The General Secretariat is concerned with all aspects of process management and the keeping of records, including university archives and the handover to state archives. The Diversity Unit is part of the General Secretariat, amongst other things it coordinates the ZHAW-wide advisory services.

Dora Fitzli, Secretary General

Diversity Unit

Through various projects and campaigns, the Diversity Unit works to highlight the similarities and differences between members of the University and make use of this potential. The Unit is committed to establishing institutional structures which guarantee equality of opportunity. The Diversity Unit also runs the ZHAW’s counselling services; all employees and students have access to direct and immediate support from our counsellors.

Contact:, Diversity Unit

Higher Education Development

Higher Education Development creates, develops, disseminates and secures knowledge as the basis for the strategic development of the University. The Office’s responsibilities include creating the mission statement, the university and quality strategy, and cross-departmental priorities. The Office also responds to initiatives and ideas from the Schools and, at events and in ongoing dialogue, disseminates and implements the strategic aims of the University.

Elena Wilhelm, Head of Higher Education Development

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications formulates and disseminates messages and information to internal and external ZHAW stakeholders. Our aim is to promote the University’s credibility and reputation and to increase appreciation of and trust in our institution. Together with the emergency services, we are responsible for communication in case of an emergency or incident. We also run the ZHAW Media Relations Office.

Andrea Hopmann, Head of Corporate Communications

Legal Services

The Legal Services Office provides legal advice to all eight Schools, the President’s Office, and Finance and Services. We support and represent the organisational units in all legal matters related to the ZHAW.

Sabina Kasper Lehne, Head of Legal Services

Strategic Affairs

The areas of Research & Development, Academic Affairs, International Affairs and Continuing Education are organised into Strategic Affairs Offices, which are led by a Dean. The Strategic Affairs Offices co-ordinate the ZHAW's relevant activities in those areas.

Urs Hilber, Head of Research and Development
Daniel Perrin, Head of International Affairs
Reto Steiner, Head of Academic Affairs