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ZHAW employees at the Expo 2017 in Astana

Since Saturday, 10 June 2017, the whole world has been gathering at the Expo 2017 in Astana. The theme of the Expo is “Future Energy”. Several ZHAW employees also attended this event held in the capital city of Kazakhstan.

Copyright Peter Marty

Several ZHAW employees went to Astana for the Expo 2017, participating in the 8th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development from 11-14 June, 2017 and assisting with the Smart Sustainable Cities Day, which took place on Wednesday, 14 June 2017. Along with the ZHAW, the organisers included the UNECE, swissuniversities and the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency. The event opened with welcoming speeches given by Urs Schmid, the Swiss Ambassador to Kazakhstan, and by Ivonne Higuero, the Director of the UNECE Forests, Land and Housing Division. Vicente Carabias-Hütter, Deputy Director of the ZHAW Institute of Sustainable Development (INE), moderated the second session of the Smart Sustainable Cities Day, “Integrated Approaches of Energy and Transportation Infrastructures for Cities”, in which a range of topics and best practices regarding integrated energy and transport systems for the smart and sustainable development of cities were introduced and discussed. In this session, Merla Kubli presented the activities of the INE as co-leading house of the Swiss Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society and Transition (SCCER CREST), which include the transition of regional energy systems (TREES) and the integration of prosumers into the energy systems of smart cities. Hans-Jörg Dennig, from the ZHAW Centre for Product and Process Development (ZPP), introduced the Bicar feasibility study.
René Itten, from the ZHAW Institute of Natural Resource Sciences (IUNR), presented eco-balances for future PV technologies. Peter Stücheli-Herlach, from the ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics, then explained how processes of integrated innovation are made possible or are curbed by discourse and what prospects linguistic analysis is opening up for these processes.
The last session of the day, on the subject of “Designing Smart and Sustainable Urban Isles”, was moderated by Heinz Bernegger from the ZHAW Institute of Facility Management (IFM).  Vicente Carabias-Hütter presented the state of development of the Smart Urban Isles project. Hanna Sotnikova, from the ZHAW Institute of Computational Physics (ICP) talked about her research and the cooperation between the ICP and Vela Solaris AG with partners from industry and education in training solar technicians in Switzerland, Egypt, China and other countries.
On Thursday, 15 June 2017 and on Friday, 16 June 2017, the international seminar entitled “Towards Smart Sustainable Cities – Integrated Approaches” at Nazarbayev University developed these topics.