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Unique footage of wildcats

Wild animals caught on camera: Stefan Suter from the Research Group for Wildlife Management successfully captured unique footage of wildcats. A report on his success in the Schweiz Aktuell news programme on 15.11.2017.

Stefan Suter set up a camera trap in the Fanel nature reserve on Lake Neuchâtel with the intent to film wild boars; instead, he ended up capturing footage of a variety of other wild animals. Particularly impressive is his footage of wildcats. These animals were hunted intensively in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries, resulting in a dramatic decrease in wildcat populations in Switzerland as elsewhere. Today, the wildcat is protected in Switzerland and is once again spreading, particularly in the wooded areas of the Jura.

Watch SRF news programme Schweiz Aktuell from 15.11.2017 (in German)

Research Group for Wildlife Management, Institute of Natural Resource Sciences, ZHAW