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Practical MOOC on aquaponics has been launched on the online learning platform edX!

The MOOC "Aquaponics - the circular food production system" meets with great interest: Over 1600 aquaponics enthusiasts from all over the world are participating!

Yesterday we launched our MOOC Aquaponics, and we are absolutely overwhelmed by the number of participants! Over 1600 aquaponics enthusiasts from all over the world!

This 6-week course with a workload of 4-6 hours/week teaches the basics of aquaculture, hydroponics and the combination of these two technologies, aquaponics. Participants will have access to learning videos, course literature, practical exercises, individual works, and quizzes, and will interact with course participants through forum posts and discussions on the topics. In the last course week, participants will also learn how to size an aquaponics system and they will theoretically design and calculate the dimensions of an aquaponics system themselves.

We wish all the participants an interesting and informative course and for everyone else, it's still possible to enroll!

Aquaponics – the circular food production system | edX