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Dalai Lama to visit the ZHAW

In September 2018, the 14th Dalai Lama will travel to Switzerland to mark the 50th anniversary of the Tibet Institute in Rikon. On this occasion, the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people, being interested in dialogue with the sciences, will also visit the ZHAW.

Copyright: Denise Applewhite

Symposium “Universal Human Values and Education”

At the symposium “Universal Human Values and Education“, the Dalai Lama will enter into discussion with students and employees of the ZHAW. Together, attendees will explore the questions of how society may achieve sustainability and how science can contribute to the intellectual and spiritual wellbeing of humanity. 

The sustainability of our society is an important concern for the ZHAW. This is why it fosters the development not only of professional, but also of personal, social, communicative and cooperative competence in its students. It aims to give students the ability to help shape the future and overcome societal challenges. 

Prior to the symposium, the ZHAW will organise a series of talks focusing on various aspects of Buddhism.

Due to the limited amount of space available, attendance at the symposium and the talk series is open only to students and employees of the ZHAW.

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