TEDD Company Visit to Mibelle Group Biochemistry

8 June 2017

 Insights into the cosmetic industry: From cell culture tests to an innovative product

Mibelle Biochemistry is delighted to invite the members and partners of the TEDD Competence Centre to its site in Buchs. The overall program will focus on the innovation and development processes that start with creating new ideas inspired by international trends. To sell cosmetic actives, Mibelle Biochemistry provides biochemical concepts, clinical studies and considerable marketing documentation. Today, a wide range of tests – in vitro and in vivo – for cosmetic claim substantiation are available. We will present them to you and give you an insight into the cosmetic ingredient business.




The number of participants is limited. TEDD Partners have priority. The deadline for registration is 31.05.2017. The workshop is free of charge.


Start date: 8 June 2017
End date: 8 June 2017