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ZHAW digital

With new technologies emerging on a daily basis and countless new business areas opening up, few jobs today will look the same ten years from now. At the ZHAW, we are addressing the digital transformation and its dynamic changes with our strategic initiative called “ZHAW digital”.

“The digital transformation is happening now – and we want to be part of shaping it. This includes creating agile organisational structures so we can respond to the strong momentum by taking targeted action.”

Daniel Baumann, Managing Director ZHAW digital

“ZHAW digital identifies, supports and brings together everything that ZHAW researchers, faculty and administrative staff are already doing in their own fields with respect to digitalisation.”

Thilo Stadelmann, Scientific Director ZHAW digital

“Breaking down boundaries, reflecting on what we do and questioning how we do it, and having the courage and determination to discover new things: this is the culture that we would like to foster at our university in order to tackle the digital transformation.”

Jean-Marc Piveteau, President

Countless experts at the ZHAW are working, conducting research and offering courses in the area of digital transformation. But it is not enough for us as a university to simply use our combined expertise to keep pace in this dynamic environment. We are also prepared to assume our responsibility to society in this area. This could include:

  • offering forward-looking courses to train specialists who will help shape digitalisation
  • drawing on our research to provide possible solutions to real-world problems
  • reflecting on the way digital transformation manifests itself in society in an effort to help shape public discourse

    ZHAW digital has been creating the right conditions for this since December 2018, but this work is in fact based on many years of experience with interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration in the area of digitalisation. Examples of this are Datalab, which was established in 2013, and our research area on societal integration. We are convinced that now is the right moment to approach digitalisation in a holistic manner. Stay tuned!