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  • Data-driven decision support for the prevention of food waste in hospitals

    Researchers from the Health Research Hub report how simulations can contribute to resource-optimized services in health institutions.

  • Zoom In: André Bruggmann

    In the new "Zoom In" feature, we introduce André Bruggmann, MAS Business Administration alumnus and Geospatial Solutions Expert.

  • Leading House South Asia and Iran and NUST organise online discussion for researchers from Pakistan and Switzerland

    Researchers from Pakistan and Switzerland met online on 3 June 2021 to exchange ideas on research matters related to UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8.

  • 2. ZHAW Managers Survey

    In our second ZHAW Manager Survey, we again want to examine current trends at Swiss companies.

  • Zoom In: Dr. Albena Björck

    In the latest “Zoom In” article, we introduce Dr. Albena Björck, lecturer at the ZHAW School of Management and Law. She teaches Bachelor's and Master's degree programs as well as several continuing education programs.

  • Bacteriophage tail spike proteins: attractive molecular tools for applications in food technology and in medicine

    The increase in antibiotic resistance in human pathogens is a cause of great concern. Bacteriophages (phages) that infect bacteria and inactivate them in a highly specific manner are a promising alternative.

  • Practical MOOC on aquaponics has been launched on the online learning platform edX!

    The MOOC "Aquaponics - the circular food production system" meets with great interest: Over 1600 aquaponics enthusiasts from all over the world are participating!

  • ZHAW remains Leading House for South Asia and Iran until 2024

    The Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) has mandated the ZHAW as the Leading House for South Asia and Iran for an additional four years. In this role, the ZHAW will coordinate cooperation between Swiss researchers…

  • Internationally connected: MSc in Management and Law International Conference 2021

    On 21 and 22 January, MSc students of the ZHAW School of Management and Law had the chance to strengthen their international and interdisciplinary profile at the online MSc in Management and Law International Conference 2021.

  • Aqu@teach – The first aquaponics curriculum to be developed specifically for university students

    The results of our ERASMUS+ project have been published.

  • Practical MOOC about aquaponics starts soon on the online learning platform edX

    Video shooting in our aquaponic facilities for the upcoming edX MOOC: Aquaponics - the circular food production system

  • Zoom In: Selina Guhl

    Selina Guhl works as a research assistant and project manager in the Continuing & Corporate Education team of the International Business department and introduces us to customized continuing education courses.

  • Interactive map shows ZHAW cooperation activities around the world

    The ZHAW has cooperation agreements with about 500 universities in 61 countries across five continents. A new, interactive world map provides a visualisation that allows you to explore the extent of these partnerships.

  • Zoom In: Lara Aschwanden

    While completing a PWA, a two-year post-baccalaureate business program, Lara will be working in several departments at the SML, gaining an insight into various centers and projects.

  • Graduation Ceremony International Executive MBA (IEMBA)

    We extend our warmest congratulations to our International Executive MBA (IEMBA) graduate class of 2018!

  • States, Trends, and Future of Aquaponics Research

    This study by Hao et al. (2020) examined 513 publications (2000-2019) on aquaponics, the sustainable production system in which nutrient-rich wastewater from fish fertilises plants.

  • ZHAW researchers train enzyme that breaks down plastic

    The “PETase” enzyme can break down plastic, but it is not very productive. ZHAW researchers are therefore applying “directed evolution” to train the enzyme so that it can be used in future for treating drinking water or biorecycling. Machine learning…

  • Zoom In: Nico Tobler

    Student Nico Tobler talks to us about the Bachelor’s program in International Management at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, his exchange year in China, and how he combines a day job with his studies.

  • Survey on the Digital Push (COVID-19)

    Implications for Swiss Businesses for the “New Normal”

  • Survey “Doing Business in the Arab World”

    Are you or your company commercially active in Arab countries? Take part in our online survey and benefit from the experience of other companies!

  • Business Projects MSc International Business

    The Business Projects Spring 2020 in our Master International Business program were successfully completed! Despite the challenging environment and a completely virtual client exchange and research, our students mastered the challenge to high…

  • Zoom In: Donny Hamilton

    In an interview, Donny Hamilton, management member at Hamilton Bonaduz AG and IEMBA student at the ZHAW, gives exclusive insights into how Hamilton Bonaduz AG operates in the current corona situation.

  • ZHAW Managers Survey

    COVID-19: Swiss companies in the Corona crisis

  • TEDD Community News March 2020

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • Zoom In: An interview with a student of the BSc International Management

    The 22-year-old Bachelor student Saskia Bilang talks about the highlights of her studies, project work with companies and and what the future holds

  • New from autumn 2020: CAS Luxury Management

    This part-time Certificate of Advanced Studies program will help you to immerse yourself into the mechanics of successful luxury management and enhance your specific strategic capabilities.

  • ZHAW and Hanze University of Applied Sciences look to strengthen cooperation

    The ZHAW welcomed a delegation from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, which is located in Groningen in the Netherlands. During the visit, the two universities of applied sciences signed a memorandum of understanding to deepen their cooperation.

  • TEDD Community News February 2020

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • Exploring the biocatalytic potential of Fe/α-ketoglutaratedependent halogenases

    a review by Mortiz Voss, Sumire Honda Malca and Rebecca Buller accepted for publication at "Chemistry - A European Journal".

  • Zoom In: Dong Yang Meier

    An interview with Dong Yang Meier of the International Management Institute about the recent meeting with a delegation from China.

  • INUAS Conference: Call for Papers has started

    The INUAS Conference 2020 “Urban Transformation: Resources” takes place at the Munich University of Applied Sciences from 9–11 September 2020. The Call for Papers, Projects and Interventions is intended for researchers, graduates and students from…

  • TEDD Community News January 2020

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • International Business Projects

    Our BSc International Management students have worked out proposals for companies in business projects. We present three projects in a video.

  • TEDD Community News December 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • INUAS Conference 2019: Housing under Pressure – the challenges in large cities

    The theme of the INUAS Conference 2019 was "Housing under Pressure. Dynamics Between Centers and Peripheries". It focused on the challenges faced by large cities caught between a growing population, ever scarcer housing and sustainable development.…

  • Interview with ZHAW Lecturer Khaldoun Dia-Eddine

    Khaldoun Dia-Eddine recently accompanied a group of IEMBA students on a study trip to Jordan. We asked him a few questions.

  • Literature-based Discovery: New Video Online

    Find out how this project wants to drastically improve literature evaluation and watch the video recorded by the project team on their smartphone.

  • “The world’s problems are not solved in ivory towers”

    The International Network of Universities of Applied Sciences Munich-Vienna-Zurich (INUAS) undertakes joint projects and initiatives related to urban and regional quality of life and to sustainable development of urban spaces. At the INUAS annual…

  • TEDD Community News November 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • «Innovations in Health» 2nd Call for Projects Proposals

    We are pleased to open our second project call to promote interdisciplinary research in the field of health.

  • Smart Cities and the Gender Data Gap

    Cities are only as smart as their (software) developers – most of whom are men. Aiming at unlocking the human potential for urban development across gender boundaries, the IAM MediaLab is developing a virtual reality game that invites women around…

  • TEDD Community News October 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • TEDD Community News September 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • TEDD Community News July-August 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • TEDD Community News June 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • TEDD Community News May 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • TEDD Community News April 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • TEDD Community News March 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • TEDD Community News February 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • TEDD Community News January 2019

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • Midwives at ZHAW research with midwives in Tehran

    Developing and validating a scale to assess a woman’s sexual quality of life after the birth of a child.

  • SNSF-Sinergia project on antiviral drug discovery at the ICBT

    The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) has granted a Sinergia project entitled "Morbillivirus cell entry machinery: mechanisms, structures and drug discovery".

  • TEDD Community News November 2018

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • ZHAW visits San Francisco

    The ZHAW co-organised the city festival “Zürich meets Your City” for the second time. Together with a delegation from Zurich, ZHAW representatives travelled to San Francisco from 20 to 26 October, where they hosted three successful events in the…

  • Call for submission to BMC Biomedical Engineering from Prof. Raghunath

    BMC Biomedical Engineering invites you to submit to our new thematic series: Engineering and Analysis of Complex Tissue and Disease Models.

  • TEDD Community News October 2018

    Summary of the current activities, events, news from Partners and more

  • Event summary: 05-07.06.2018 Dechema 3D cell culture in Freiburg

    TEDD was successfully represented with the exhibition booth and talks from many of our partners.

  • Successful launch of cooperation with Brazilian university

    In late June 2018, members of the Research Group for Life Cycle Assessment and the Geography of Food Research Group visited the Universidade Federal de Grande Dourados in Brazil - a first series of collaborative projects has now been launched.

  • Transfood - a new research partnership with Brazil

    What effects do Swiss agricultural imports from Brazil have on the environment and on society in the country of origin? A team of researchers from Brazil and the ZHAW are finding out in the new Transfood project.

  • Facility Management in times of digital transformation

    More than 220 participants from the fields of FM practice and FM education met for the sixth IFM-Day at the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Wädenswil for a professional exchange and to celebrate the Master's degree graduates of…

  • ZHAW continues energy turnaround research

    After four years of energy research, the ZHAW has drawn a positive balance. According to an external evaluation, the ZHAW has established a leading position among universities of applied sciences.

  • ZHAW high-tech ski wax to be used at the Olympics

    Just in time for the Olympic Games, researchers from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) have developed an innovative ski wax that adheres to the ski for longer than existing products, thanks to a designer molecule. Laboratory tests have…

  • SML essentials 9: Asset Management in Switzerland

    The ninth edition of ‘SML essentials’ is dedicated to asset management in Switzerland.

  • Yello-founder Dieter Meier: a game changer in the chocolate industry

    Multi-talented Dieter Meier plans to revolutionise the chocolate industry. Thanks to a completely new process, his chocolate contains less sugar and retains its original flavours, which differ depending on the cocoa’s country of origin.

  • Results of qualitative survey: “People in the workplace 4.0”

    In the second part of the study, we carried out an in-depth evaluation of the qualitative interviews with professionals in HR, management, staff development and technology.

  • Novel ultra-thin precast concrete panels with carbon

    ZHAW engineers have developed concrete panels reinforced with carbon. These are not only extremely sturdy, light and rust-proof, but they can also be produced industrially and cut to any shape. They have recently been awarded with a German industrial…

  • How companies engage in multilingual environmental communication and how NPOs and banks use language to build trust

    On 7 November 2017, three graduates of the Master’s programme in Applied Linguistics received awards from our industry partners CLS Communication and Farner Consulting AG.

  • School of Engineering at “Zurich meets Hong Kong”

    From 21 to 29 October 2017, the “Zurich meets Hong Kong” festival took place in Hong Kong. Representatives of business, science and culture from Zurich and Hong Kong came together to foster scientific and cultural exchange between the two…

  • 2017 Swiss Marketing Leadership Study: Personal customer contact is key to success in a digitalised world

    Even in the digital age, it is still mainly personal contact that elicits emotions in customers, as a recent ZHAW study shows. However, many companies lack customer data – a problem which requires more attention and needs to be addressed in order to…

  • A high-tech camera trap to detect weasels

    ZHAW engineers have developed a novel camera trap tube for small mammals. With this method, endangered species, such as least weasels, can be documented more easily and with the help of non-specialists. Previous methods have been very complicated and…

  • People's Choice Award for Systems Engineering graduates

    In their Bachelor’s thesis, Systems Engineering graduates Reto Muhl and Claudio Ruiz developed a heatable food container. First, they were able to convince the jury of the ZHAW Startup Challenge of their business idea’s potential. Now they have won…

  • Why should I put my child on medication to treat ADHD?

    In a ZHAW study, the most common reasons cited by parents of children with ADHD are emotional stress in school and family life, family problems and school performance demands. The study on parents’ decision-making processes regarding ADHD treatment…

  • ZHAW apprentices discover new species of bacteria

    Achieving scientific recognition as an apprentice – Michael Opoku and Tara Picozzi have accomplished this rare feat. The two laboratory technician apprentices at the ZHAW in Wädenswil have discovered two previously unknown bacterial species in soil…

  • Survey about the FM Industry awareness of Building Information Modelling (BIM)

    As part of an international cooperation between the Institute of Facility Management, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Liverpool John Moores University and the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) a Survey was published in August…

  • ZHAW at the helm of AILA

    At the 2017 World Congress of AILA (Association Internationale de Linguistique Appliquée) in Rio de Janeiro, two members of the ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics were elected to AILA leadership positions. AILA is a partner organisation of UNESCO.

  • Biocatalysis at Basel Life - Speakers and Topics

    The final program of the session Biocatalysis brought by NTN Swiss Biotech is now available.

  • ZHAW joins the research efforts for the national food survey

    The national food survey “menuCH“ is the first to provide representative data on food consumption and dietary behaviour in Switzerland.

  • “We need interconnection and cooperation”

    In his research at the Institute of Sustainable Development (INE), Vicente Carabias focuses on sustainable energy systems. In this interview, he shares his vision of a smart city and explains how each individual can contribute to its development.

  • ZHAW research and innovation at the Expo 2017 in Astana

    The Expo 2017, which is dedicated to the theme of "Future Energy", opened on Saturday 10 June in Astana, Kazakhstan. During the opening week, a delegation of researchers from the ZHAW and other Swiss universities participated in international…

  • ZHAW becomes Leading House South Asia and Iran

    In spring this year, the ZHAW became the Leading House for bilateral research cooperation with partner institutions in South Asia and Iran. On behalf of the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), the ZHAW will promote…

  • Low-cost prosthetic hands for children from a 3D printer

    Conventional prosthetic hands are very expensive. This is why ZHAW students have developed prosthesis modules that could be affordable even for children in developing countries. They work without any high tech and their parts are made with a 3D…

  • SML Research on Sustainability Reporting

    An interdisciplinary research team led by the Center for Corporate Responsibility has developed tools that can help to successfully handle current challenges in sustainability reporting.

  • Video clips with everyday tips for the elderly

    Putting on socks, slipping on a pullover or rising from a chair – for many older people, everyday tasks like these are a challenge. As part of a research project, the Occupational Therapy Research Unit created video clips showing alternative…

  • New ways of thinking at the 5th International ZHAW-FM Day in Wädenswil

    At the 5th international FM Day at the ZHAW in Wädenswil, the international FM community came together for a scientific and professional exchange as well as to celebrate the 2017 graduation of its Master's students. The highlights of the day were the…

  • Students automate warehouse

    Large warehouses can be very confusing, so locating the correct pallet of goods can be rather complicated. Two mechanical engineering students at the ZHAW School of Engineering tackled this problem in a practical project: they developed an automation…

  • Coping with hearing and vision impairment in everyday life

    What facilitates people with hearing and vision impairments to manage everyday life? According to a ZHAW study, it is important that these individuals speak out and that the people around them offer time and patience.

  • Cell biologist Michael Raghunath appointed to TERMIS international society

    Michael Raghunath, Professor of Cell Biology, Protein Technology and Tissue Engineering at the ZHAW in Wädenswil, was appointed to the council of the European chapter of the renowned professional society TERMIS as of 1 January 2017. The new head of…

  • New interactive overview of ZHAW research topics

    Like most universities these days, the ZHAW conducts research on a wide range of topics. The topics are so many, in fact, that it is often difficult to keep an overview of them. Thanks to a new interactive layout, it is now much easier to find ZHAW…

  • Computer games for senior citizens: playful ways of keeping fitter in old age

    Everyday activities like dressing ourselves, shopping or cooking tend to become more challenging with increasing age. Yet when such activities are no longer a matter of course, how can older people maintain their independence in everyday life?…

  • Private car sharing gaining ground throughout Europe

    Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Vienna and Zurich. ZHAW School of Engineering students have examined mobility-related sharing concepts in these seven European cities. Their study shows that within an overarching trend towards a sharing…

  • Each wolf has a howl all its own

    Instead of setting camera traps, researcher Stefan Suter records bioacoustic signals with the goal of creating an acoustic database of all the wolves living in Switzerland.

  • Better mobility for people with disabilities: A research project for TIXI Zürich

    TIXI Zürich offers affordable transport service for people with disabilities in the canton of Zurich. The association would now like to optimise its service offerings with help from the ZHAW. The Occupational Therapy Research team has set out to…

  • Midwives in the early care of psychosocially burdened families

    Independently practising midwives support many families at home after the birth of children. Thus, they could play an important role in the early assessment and care of psychosocially at-risk families. This is why researchers at the ZHAW have…

  • Study on job searches in Switzerland published

    Which jobs are the most frequently advertised and which job ads are the most frequently clicked on? Do men have advantages over women when looking for jobs? The recently published study “JobCloud Market Insights” provides the answers.

  • Arab Business and Culture Forum: Saudi Arabia

    The 2nd Arab Business and Culture Forum, organized by the Swiss Arab Network, took place at the Club zur Geduld in Winterthur.

  • Geography of Food - Summer School 2017-2019

    Designing Food Value Chains in Switzerland, India and Slovenia. Deadline for application phase 1 ends on 30th November.

  • ICP researcher published a new book chapter

    Mathias Bonmarin, lecturer at ICP, has recently contributed to a new reference book entitled «Imaging in Dermatology»

  • Study Trip to Switzerland for Iranian CEOs: Swiss Success Factors

    In early June 2016, the ZHAW School of Management and Law hosted a group of 24 CEOs and business executives from Iran for one week. The study trip included lectures, company visits, sightseeing tours, and networking events.

  • Brazil in Crisis – Time to Invest?

    Currently, most news about Brazil does not inspire much confidence among investors. However, there might be interesting investment prospects even in times like these. At a conference in Zurich, international experts presented their assessment of the…

  • Hong Kong Baptist University Study Trip to the SML

    In May, the SML had the pleasure of hosting a group of MBA students from one of our partner institutions, Hong Kong Baptist University, for a 5-day field study trip.