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The diggers are moving in

The Wädenswil and Winterthur sites are being expanded in order to provide students and employees with more space.

Several construction projects are planned or already underway in response to the growth of the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management in Wädenswil. The Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation is to receive a new laboratory building on the Reidbach campus. This will house laboratories, teaching spaces and workplaces as well as special rooms for the demonstrative processing of food. Here, researchers will be able look at a foodstuff's entire value chain. The construction work began in 2019 and the new building is set to be ready for occupation in June 2023. A shed hall rented by the ZHAW, which is to be converted from the end of 2023, is located directly next to the new laboratory building. The Government Council approved the relevant project loan in August 2021.

With the opening of new student accommodation, which was built by the Stiftung Technische Obstverwertung (a foundation dedicated to promoting training in technical fruit processing), the difficult housing situation for students in Wädenswil has eased somewhat. The SWOWI Foundation, in which the ZHAW is a member, has concluded the rental agreement with the owner and handed over the operation of the building to the Student Housing Cooperative Zurich (WOKO).

Major project at the Technikumstrasse campus

The School of Engineering also needs more space. It is planning a modern campus on the site of the former Technikum Winterthur. Four construction stages are envisaged over the next fifteen years. In an initial step, two laboratory buildings and a public park are expected to be realised. The construction project for the first phase has been approved. Various buildings on the campus were vacated in summer 2021, with the School of Engineering units and the canteen located here having moved to the Eulachpassage, where the School of Health Professions was previously based.