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Students organise the teaching award

In 2021, the responsibility for the organisation and implementation of the annual teaching award was handed over to the ZHAW Students’ Union (also called Alias).

With this change, the teaching award will now take greater account of students’ views and what they consider to be good teaching. “For ten years, the ZHAW teaching award has recognised outstanding performances in teaching that best meet the concepts developed for this purpose, while also promoting good teaching practices at the ZHAW through lively exchanges. The time has now come for students to assume an even more central role and for the organisation of the award to be placed in their hands,” says Alessandro Maranta, Head of the Academic Affairs Unit.

According to the new teaching award concept, which has been developed by the ZHAW Students’ Union, every lecturer from every School is now eligible for selection. This is irrespective of whether they are able to present a special teaching concept or not. Furthermore, there is no longer only one teaching award. Instead, a winner will now be chosen from each School. “We view the ZHAW as a diverse university, which is not only made up of eight different Schools, but is also represented at three different locations. The appreciation shown in the form of the teaching award should reflect this and thus incorporate every School,” says ZHAW Students’ Union Co-President David Götz. The awards ceremony will take place in spring 2022.