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Insights into research, academic programmes and university operations

Highlights from research

On the hunt for the essence of chocolate

Lab production and the aroma code cracked: Researchers in the areas of biotechnology and food technology have gained new insights into chocolate.

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How materials and energy interact

Participants of a symposium at the School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering have investigated environmentally friendly building materials.

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Imams in Switzerland

A ZHAW study shows that continuing education does more to prevent Islamic terrorism than compulsory training.

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Reaching young people with the news

Swiss media houses are reaching young people less and less with their news offerings. However, democracy needs young people to be informed. A ZHAW study looked at the following question: How can young people be reached with the news?

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Freedom of choice, networking and gender roles

A range of significant social developments shaped the media use of young people between 2010 and 2019. Ten years of JAMES studies document both change and continuity.

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Reducing CO2 emissions together

The ZHAW is represented in all four interdisciplinary research teams of SWEET, the new national energy research programme. The aim is to integrate renewable energies in the energy system of the future.

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How the population is faring in the coronavirus crisis

With the COVID-19 Social Monitor, academics from the ZHAW, the University of Basel and the University of Zurich are continuously documenting how the pandemic is impacting the people of Switzerland.

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The smart hospital of the future

The ZHAW is working together with other universities and partners to explore how hospitals can implement the digital transformation. In total, it is involved in eight out of fifteen Innosuisse flagship projects.

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Better working conditions keep nurses in the profession

Nine out of ten nurses can imagine staying in the profession in the longer term. This is revealed by a long-term ZHAW study, which examined the early professional careers of nurses

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ZHAW researchers develop a hybrid material for the more efficient recovery of CO2

The recovery of CO2 from the atmosphere is becoming increasingly important as a measure in the fight against climate change. ZHAW researchers have developed a material that can help to reduce the energy expenditure in this process.

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Societal integration: important contributions and successes

A total of thirty-one projects have been funded within the “societal integration” research area. To mark the end of this funding, an interdisciplinary conference was held to shed light on the research results.

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Innovative ZHAW projects as part of the DIZH

The development and implementation of innovative solutions to meet the challenges of the digital transformation: This is the objective of the ten projects approved in 2021 by the digitisation initiative of the Zurich universities (DIZH), an innovation programme kicked off a year earlier. The ZHAW is involved in nine out of the ten projects.

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Sustainable Impact Program launched

With its three pillars, the Sustainable Impact Programme (SIP) aims to promote a culture and community of sustainable development at the ZHAW. The initial projects have been selected by employees and students.

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Highlights from academic programmes

Building global bridges

With its new hybrid “ZHAW International Evening” format, the ZHAW is opening up dialogue with a global audience.

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Continuing Education incorporated into Academic Affairs

In order to make better use of synergies and specialist knowledge, the Continuing Education Unit will in future be incorporated into the Academic Affairs Unit.

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Teaching and learning at the ZHAW before and after COVID-19

In 2021, the ZHAW carried out an assessment of the digital transformation in its academic programmes. This gave rise to recommendations for action in various areas.

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Smart call button wins Startup Challenge

A digital call button is set to improve communication between nursing staff and patients. With this idea, three students won the seventh ZHAW Startup Challenge.

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Future Kids

More than 50 ZHAW students helped children with their learning as part of the project. The support programme for primary school children from disadvantaged backgrounds is a collaboration between AOZ and the ZHAW.

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Students organise the teaching award

In 2021, the responsibility for the organisation and implementation of the annual teaching award was handed over to the ZHAW Students’ Union (also called Alias).

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Highlights from the campus

ZHAW takes over literature on the topic of ageing

In 2021, Pro Senectute Switzerland handed over all of its literature on the topic of ageing to the ZHAW.

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More than 60 buildings checked with respect to their barrier-free accessibility

For people with mobility, visual or hearing impairments, information on access to buildings and lecture theatres and the equipment and furnishings they provide is essential. The Diversity Unit has reassessed all of the ZHAW’s buildings in this regard.

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The diggers are moving in

The Wädenswil and Winterthur sites are being expanded in order to provide students and employees with more space.

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Digitisation making progress at an operational level

Whether it’s to do with passwords, employee onboarding or contracts, an ever-increasing number of processes at the ZHAW are being handled digitally. Interdisciplinary teams are driving service management forward.

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Impetus for gender- and diversity-appropriate promotion measures

With its “Gender Equality Management Plan,” the ZHAW is committed to the targeted promotion of the genders and their adequate representation in management roles.

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Participation and partners

The ZHAW Students’ Union

Another pandemic-hit year from a student perspective.

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Participation in shaping the future

In 2021, the University Conference (HSV) made a contribution towards shaping the ZHAW’s future outlook at various levels.

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Manifold challenges

ALUMNI ZHAW maintains exchanges and networking despite difficult conditions.

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